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Schools Of Conscience, Issue #015 -- Well-Being-Meetup on May 12, AERO Conference Discount, SDT Conf
May 06, 2016

A Word From Don


Don Berg, Founder

Schools of Conscience Newsletter Contents

Well-Being in Schools Monthly Meetup

Discount on AERO Conference in August

Send Don to Present a Poster at the SDT Conference in June

Schools of Conscience Monthly Meetup about well-being in schools.

This meeting started as a follow-up to the documentary film Beyond Measure and continues to focus on how important well-being is in schools.

We bring together people from every area of the educational world: public, private, charter, parents, teachers, homeschool, unschool, democratic, and anyone else who is interested in discussing how to create a healthy educational lifestyle for children.

What: Well-Being in Schools Discussion

When: 7PM on Thursday, May 12th, 2016

Where: Hatch, 2420 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR

Tickets: FREE

Hope to see you there with your friends, thanks!

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Discount on AERO Conference in August

Jerry Mintz, the founder of AERO (Alternative Education Resource Organization), contacted me after getting the last Schools of Conscience newsletter to offer a discount to anyone who mentions my name in the notes when you are ordering a registration for the AERO Conference this year.

He said your registration would be reduced from the standard rate of $275 to the low income rate which was $225 when I last checked.

SAVE $50!

Thanks, Jerry!

(FYI- The student rate is even less, if you qualify.)

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Campaign to Send Don to the International SDT Conference in June

This is a Great Opportunity for me to introduce my work to the scientists and academics that are making one of the most important contributions ever to improving the well-being of our society.

These folks are the scientific explorers who discovered the very foundations of psychological well-being!

They do great work and my being a part of their world will provide opportunities for collaboration and keep up with what is on the leading edge of research.

You can help by sending me to present a poster at the International Self-Determination Theory Conference being held in Victoria, BC, Canada, from June 3rd to the 6th.

Kayla Good, a rising Senior at Reed College, is my collaborator on the poster.

We're already on the schedule and I have also raised the funds to cover the conference registration and travel through collaboration between a foundation and the Open Road Learning Community for Teens, where I serve on the Board.

The funds will cover my stay in the HI-Victoria Hostel which is only an 8-minute walk from the conference hotel and the cost of printing the poster along with some Schools of Conscience handouts.

Here's the link to my Indiegogo campaign: Send Don to the SDT Conference

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