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Schools Of Conscience, Issue #018 -- Rationalia 2.0 Book Preview, Motivation Hacks E-Course, VFS
August 29, 2016

A Word From Don

  • The new book is called Rationalia 2.0 and this issue is the first in a series that will give you a preview of the book.

  • Available Now: Motivation Hacks E-course on the Science of Motivation.

    Learn how to handle power struggles and cultivate the best motivations as a leader.

  • New "Project Coach" services being offerred to the Village Free School community.

  • If you are in the Portland area join us at the Well-Being in Schools monthly meetup for a lively discussion of the role of policy in creating positive change in schools.

    7PM on August 12th (details below and via the link above).


Don Berg, Founder

Schools of Conscience Newsletter Contents

Well-Being in Schools Monthly Meetup

New Book: Rationalia 2.0

Motivation Hacks E-course

Village Free School: Project Coaching

Well-Being in Schools Monthly Meetup.

We bring together people from every area of the educational world: public, private, charter, parents, teachers, homeschool, unschool, democratic, and anyone else who is interested in creating healthy educational lifestyles for children.

What: Well-Being in Schools Discussion

When: 7PM on Monday, September 12th, 2016

Where: Hatch, 2420 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR

Tickets: FREE, but spots are limited.

Hope to see you there with your friends, thanks!

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New Book: Rationalia 2.0

Here is the nutshell version of the core message of the new book in regards to education:

We currently have a K-12 school system that is afflicted by an epidemic of disengagement from learning.

However, it is a basic moral truth that every adult responsible for children must nurture them.

It is also a psychological truth that disengagement is the result of thwarting primary needs and nurturing means supporting humans to meet their primary needs.

Therefore, the system is guilty of consistently forcing adults responsible for children to sacrifice their moral duty to nurture those children on the alter of instructional bookkeeping (that is grades, test scores, and other means of accounting for instruction.)

This is wrong and we know we can do better: a few alternative schools have already shown the way.

We do NOT need how-to manuals on the various pedagogies from those alternative schools.

The support for primary human needs that those alternatives have demonstrated can be provided independent of their pedagogy.

This book separates the need support from the pedagogy and provides a methodology for providing psychological support in order to overcome disengagement within any pedagogical practice.

By applying the most basic principles of epidemiology this process can be applied to all schools, regardless of their pedagogical commitments.

All schools can nurture students, which is the psychological foundation upon which any good pedagogy is built.

The ideas, models, and design processes presented in this book can guide leaders and policy-makers to cure the epidemic of disengagement that produces high rates of drop outs, underachievers, and fauxchievers (those who go through the motions without mastering the material).

Your feedback will enable me to hone the book before putting it out.

Click here to get a pdf that includes the Table of Contents, the Preface and the Introduction.

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Motivation Hacks for Leaders E-course

How does the science of motivation change leadership?

This Motivation Hacks E-Course busts three leadership myths:

  1. The Machiavellian Myth
    • Leaders can motivate their followers via charisma and/or coersion.
  2. The Skinner Box Myth
    • Leaders can motivate their followers via rewards and puishments.
  3. The Invisible Hand Myth
    • Leaders can motivate their followers via clever arrangement of incentives.

Using these myths may get you short-term compliance, but also long-term resentment or worse.

Manipulation and incentivization can backfire, but with a proper scientific understanding of motivation you can learn when and how to deploy them to good effect.

But, more importantly, you can learn how to avoid them in the first place.

Look for the special deal for members only!

Click here for more information.

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Village Free School: Project Coaching

I am excited to be offering special services to the Village Free School community starting in September.

I will be offering project coaching four days a week to help students focus on their goals and how to achieve them.

This is an experiment that we will re-evaluate at the end of the term in December.

These services are one of the benefits of their membership in Schools of Conscience.

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