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Schools Of Conscience, Issue #024- New Book Offer & Oct 12th Film Screening
September 15, 2017

A Word From Don

    Did you miss me?

    After a productive hiatus from putting out this newsletter, I'm back.

    Despite not writing a newsletter I was writing quite a lot.

    In addition to the new book announced below I have several other writing projects in various stages of completion.

    You'll see more soon.

  • New Book: Most Schools Won't Fit.

    Co-authored with Holly Allen, parent of 3

  • Film Screening: Oct. 12th, Most Likely To Succeed


Don Berg, Founder

Schools of Conscience Newsletter Contents

Featured E-Course: Your Mind Is More Than You Think (free)

New Book: Most Schools Won't Fit.

Film Screening: Oct. 12th, Most Likely To Succeed

Most Schools Won't Fit: Every Parent's Dilemma and What To Do About It

Co-authored with Holly Allen

This is a complete rewrite of Every Parent's Dilemma.

Holly thought it could be better and stepped up to help make it so.

Together we lay out the dilemma that parents face today.

Traditional schools are boring and alienating for students and teachers.

But there is hope because we know how to stop the boredom and alienation.

Change is challenging, but it can be done.

The book includes practical guidelines that parents can use and recommend to teachers and principals.

Special Offer:

Schools of Conscience has grant funding to distribute the book for free to 100 people.

If you e-mail me with your shipping address in the USA I will send you a copy by snail mail.

The title above is a link to the Amazon page for the book if you want to send the link to your friends or would like to order a few dozen to give away.

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Screening of Most Likely To Succeed

Most Likely To

Succeed Screening Poster

What: Most Likely To Succeed Film & Discussion

When: 6:30PM on Thursday, October 12th, 2017

Where: PSU, Smith Memorial Student Union Rm. 355, 1825 SW Broadway Portland, OR, 97201

Tickets: FREE, but spots are limited so RSVP.

I will be MC and discussion moderator.

Hope to see you there with your friends, thanks!

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Featured E-course

Your Mind Is More Than You Think

This course is an introduction to the three most central lessons from the science of psychology.

  • You have more than one mind.
  • We are situational beings, each of us can be changed by the situations we encounter without knowing we've been changed.
  • Creating the good requires more than getting rid of the bad.

Over 10 weeks you will be provided with links to some of the most entertaining talks and papers by leading psychologists journalists, and other authorities as they reveal how these important lessons about the human mind were learned and what they mean.

(The system generated messages says 11 weeks because there is a bonus week of extra videos that are cool but did not make it into the main lessons for the course.) Click here to sign up..

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