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Schools Of Conscience, Issue #025- Membership Meeting Nov 28th & New Book
November 18, 2017

A Word From Don

    We are having an official membership meeting on Tuesday, November 28th at 7PM.

    A new book is coming out, too!


Don Berg, Founder

Schools of Conscience Newsletter Contents

Featured E-Course: Your Mind Is More Than You Think (free)

New Book: Education Can ONLY Be Offerred: How K-12 Schools Will Save Democracy.

Membership Meeting: Nov. 28th, 7PM @ Hatch

Education Can ONLY Be Offerred: How K-12 Schools Will Save Democracy

By Don Berg

This book provides a unique large-scale perspective on the challenges of K-12 education leadership today.

Putting schools into the context of the four billion year history of Life suggests that one of the most marginal segments of the industry has the most to teach those in the mainstream.

The mainstream is off-track because of understandable but mistaken ideas about learning and human nature that create a powerful illusion that misguides system-scale efforts to improve the outcomes of schooling.

Dispelling the illusion requires educators to rethink the distinction between being a teacher and an instructor.

Teaching needs to be about the creation of learning contexts while instruction is about helping students accurately grasp content.

A more careful approach to instructing children is needed.

The book presents design criteria to help schools change in the right way and a map of how school organizations can do better by both their teachers and students.

Special Offer:

If you e-mail me with your shipping address in the USA I will send you a copy by snail mail.

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Membership Meeting

What: Membership Meeting

When: 7:00PM on Tuesday, November 28th, 2017

Where: Hatch, 2420 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland, OR, 97232

Agenda: We will be voting on a Board approved plan to merge with School Alternatives Inc.

The proposal includes a change from being a member-run organization to a Board-run organization.

Two intended benefits of the merger are getting 501(c)3 tax status and expanding our board.

If you e-mail me with any questions I will be glad to answer them, regardless of whether you will be able to come to the meeting. Don

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Featured E-course

Your Mind Is More Than You Think

This course is an introduction to the three most central lessons from the science of psychology.

  • You have more than one mind.
  • We are situational beings, each of us can be changed by the situations we encounter without knowing we've been changed.
  • Creating the good requires more than getting rid of the bad.

Over 10 weeks you will be provided with links to some of the most entertaining talks and papers by leading psychologists journalists, and other authorities as they reveal how these important lessons about the human mind were learned and what they mean.

(The system generated messages says 11 weeks because there is a bonus week of extra videos that are cool but did not make it into the main lessons for the course.) Click here to sign up..

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