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Schools Of Conscience, Issue #027- Movies Oct 12th, Back to Basics 2.0 Video, Getting Political
September 26, 2018

Schools of Conscience Newsletter Contents

A Word From Don

Thanks for your interest and support!


Don Berg, Founder

Being and Becoming along with Summerhill

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As part of the Portland State of Mind annual celebration we are co-hosting the screening of two films, a documentary for adults and a based-on-a-true story children's drama.

Being and Becoming explores the choice not to school ones children, to trust them and to let them learn freely what they are passionate about.

Through four countries, the US, Germany (where it's illegal not to go to school), France and the UK, the film is one parent's truth quest about the natural desire to learn.

[from IMdB]

Based on a true story, written by an alumnus, and partly filmed at Summerhill school, this award winning movie is an enchanting drama that will captivate the whole family.

Maddy, an eleven year old broken by exam pressures, and Ryan, a fourteen year old all but abandoned by his feckless dad after being chucked out of other schools, are new arrivals who find healing and happiness in the parent-free Neverland.

They find that being held responsible for their own learning by the school community changes them in ways they would never imagine.

But when an inspection report goes against the school, staff and pupils join forces to do battle against the government.

[based on IMdB and this review in the Independent]

What: The movies Being and Becoming with Summerhill

When: 6:30PM on Friday, October 12th, 2018

Where: Portland State University, Smith Memorial Hall, Rooms 327 and 238

How Much: FREE!

The movies will be screened simultaneously in two separate rooms.

Both screenings will be followed by discussion.

The adults will be treated to a panel of local folks associated with self-directed learning (and we are hoping to have the filmmaker, too).

The children will be treated to improv games and activies that will help them think about and discuss their movie.

Brought to you by Schools of Conscience in association with
Portland Alliance for Self-Directed Education
Village Free School
Village Home Education Resource Center
Portland State University Mathematics and Statistics Department
Wayfinding Academy

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Back to Basics 2.0 Video

E-mail me your comments and questions.

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Schools of Conscience is going to become a political advocacy group for deeper learning.

Based on the forthcoming book More Joy, More Genius, Schools of Conscience will build a membership of schools, districts, and youth serving orgnaizations that are committed to making deeper learning the default expectation for education in our society.

The book presents a resolution that creates an opening for organizational activists to champion substantive policy changes that protect and promote deeper learning practices.

By getting the resolution into schools and all other kinds of youth serving organizations we will lay the foundation for policy chages throughout the system that better align with the primary human need supports that must precede deeper learning.

We will remain colosely associated with the non-profit School Alternatives, Inc.

The changes to the website mentioned in the last newsletter are in process.

They should be substantially complete by the end of the year.

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