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Schools Of Conscience, Issue #010 -- Exciting New Team Members + Announcing the ChoosEd Project
October 14, 2015

A Word From Don

The big news is that team building is finally becoming a reality.

Schools of Conscience has a new member of the leadership team, whose identity is revealed below, and we now have both individual and school members who are so committed that they are contributing automatically every month.

Monthly contributors are important because they represent the most sustainable funding we could wish for.

If you would like to join as a monthly contributor please click here.

Schools of Conscience Newsletter Contents

A Word From Don

Annoucing ChoosEd: The Ultimate Guide to Schools Worth Choosing

Introducing Melody Dawn, ChoosEd project manager

Annoucing ChoosEd:
The Ultimate Guide to Schools Worth Choosing

I was recently preparing to reach out to several hundered local schools and found that there was no comprehensive source of information on educational options in the Portland area.

It soon occurred to me that parents woud have the same problem; therefore this represents a barrier to the optimal match-up between children and the best educational options for them.

While it is obviously not the only barrier, it is one with a relatively straightforward solition.

It just so happens that as I was undertaking this data collection task, I taught a workshop at EdCampPDX and one of the participants turned out to be enthusiastic and available to help me with Schools of Consience (She's introduced below).

The idea is to collect comprehensive data on all the K-12 educational options in the Portland area and then make that information freely available to parents online.

The collection and maintenance of this data will be paid for by the members of Schools of Conscience.

Of course, that alone is not enough of an incentive to join, but this project will position us to have friendly conversations with all the schools in the area.

Once we have had the opportunity to introduce ourselves to the schools by providing this valuable service, then we will let them know that our ultimate goal is building the nurturing capacity of schools and an accreditation system to support it.

Our larger agenda is to ensure that nurturing becomes a central component of how we think and talk about K-12 schooling whenever it is brought up in public.

I will be surprised if most educators don't already have an affinity for that agenda and, therefore, they will be likely to join us.

If you have any ideas about how to make ChoosEd as useful as possible for parents, let us know.

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Introducing Melody Dawn, ChoosEd project manager

As I mentioned above, I met Melody after teaching a workshop called "Which Paradigm Guides Your School?" at EdCampPDX in August.

She was previously both a public school teacher and a teacherpreneur in Arizona before moving to Portland with her partner.

We have been doing a lot of work to plan out our next steps, including a weekend llama trek near Mt. Hood.

I am thrilled to have another passionate advocate for children’s well-being to play with.

It’s been a long time coming.

I asked her to share with you why she is getting involved in Schools of Conscience.


For several years now, I've been searching for a meaningful project with the potential to affect real change in our education system.

So when I met Don and learned about his goals for Schools of Conscience, I didn't waste any time jumping on board.

As a second grade teacher, I realized that our current educational paradigm was standing in the way of my vision for a quality, compassionate learning environment.

I became driven to find a way to genuinely support the needs of students and create opportunities for them to grow into their greatest potential.

Schools of Conscience exists to build the nurturing capacity of K-12 schools through efforts that I believe have the power to shift our nation's educational priorities and confirm the fundamental importance of well-being in the learning process.

These are changes that our system is desperately in need of and I am passionate about seeing them brought to life.

I could not be more enthusiastic or grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this endeavor.

Thank you Don for allowing me to play on the team :)

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