10 Charming Eco-Friendly California Hotels You Should Book

California’s eco-friendly hotels implement practices that maintain a sustainable, healthy environment and make travel unique and waste-free.

The Bardessono Hotel in Yountville, Napa Valley, California

Next time travelers crave a stay in the western US state, they should choose the greenest lodging destination. The good news is that the possibilities are endless in California. The city boasts of a group of sustainable hotels that implement wise practices and efforts towards maintaining a healthy environment. By supporting reduced greenhouse gas emissions, eco-friendly accommodations have been adept at choosing a sustainable lifestyle that offers more convenience than ever before. Here are 10 charming eco-friendly hotels in California that make green travel a simple, zero-waste task.

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10/10 Orchard Garden Hotel

The Orchard Garden was the first hotel in San Francisco to be LEED certified. The best sustainable hotel blends boutique luxury with eco-friendly design. This gives a whole new meaning to green hospitality. Alongside Chinatown, this eco-friendly hotel is in a prime location and boasts first-class amenities. With a gorgeous rooftop garden and patio, the hotel is close to many of San Francisco’s best attractions.

9/10 L’Auberge del Mar

When travelers visit the seaside village of Del Mar, they are stepping into a postcard and soaking in the sun, sand, and stunning beaches. Overlooking the Pacific Ocean, L’Auberge Del Mar is a luxury resort offering an eco-friendly getaway. Enforces green strategies in daily operations. Some of its sustainable measures include the use of energy-efficient light bulbs and biodegradable guest room key cards.

8/10 paradisono

People who venture out on an eco-tour to Napa should book a stay at Bardessono, an eco-lodging that does it all. This eco-friendly luxury hotel uses organic cleaning materials as well as natural heating and energy sources. The on-site restaurant also offers locally sourced menus as well as recycling and composting programs.

7/10 Shore Hotel

An eco-friendly option, the Shore Hotel is a LEED-certified lodging that offers a glamorous beachside setting. Featuring sustainable amenities, the hotel features a unique lighting and temperature regime. It automatically sets when people enter and leave the room. By staying at this eco-friendly hotel, travelers are making a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint.

6/10 Triton Hotel

Hotel Triton in San Francisco combines the comforts of home with luxury hospitality. Located opposite the gateway to Chinatown, Triton’s secluded location makes it one of the most satisfying eco-hotels in the city. Featuring motion sensors and energy-efficient lighting, Triton has many sustainable elements that make it a premium destination.

5/10 H2Hotel

H2Hotel’s green building takes sustainable accommodation to a whole new level. Covered in turf, its roofs efficiently filter rainwater, solar panels heat its pools, and its on-site restaurant features organic, locally sourced foods. While staying at this LEED Gold-certified eco-luxury hotel, travelers take advantage of hiking trails and discovering Healdberg’s stunning scenery.

4/10 Ambrose Hotel

This eco-friendly boutique hotel is stylish and sustainable five minutes from the beach. Travelers head to this charming Santa Monica hotel for the many amenities of this award-winning green resort. Their sustainable technologies include natural toiletries, water-saving faucets, and environmentally responsible cleaning products. Guests can rent hybrid cars for easy and sustainable exploration.

3/10 Argonaut Hotel

The eco-friendly, award-winning Argonaut Hotel is certified Green Business because it invests in conscious efforts to make it as sustainable as possible. The hotel uses environmental cleaning solutions, ongoing recycling efforts, LED lights, and motion sensor power panels. Visitors enjoy a luxurious stay while on vacation at one of the finest eco-friendly hotels in San Francisco.

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2/10 Two palm bunch

Two Bunch Palms is the most advanced mineral hot springs resort in the country and one of the first sustainable. Uses a carbon neutralizer and uses biodegradable cleaning products. Two Bunch Palms generates electricity from renewable sources and uses sustainable practices. People crave a romantic getaway with their loved one and consider Two Bunch Palms as their destination.

1/10 Treebones Resort

Treebones Resort is the place to go for a magical weekend getaway in Big Sur. The family-owned, eco-friendly residence features stunning human nests, luxury tents, and a solar-powered tent. The sustainable destination offers beautiful surroundings, organic meals and a garden. All leftovers are fed to the local animals. It provides zero-emission transportation, and everything else is either recycled or composted.

  • Residence:
    Treebones Resort

  • Tabuk
    : 71895 Highway 1, Big Sur, CA 93920

  • means of comfort:
    Complimentary Breakfast, Restaurant, Bar/Lounge, Free Wifi, Hiking, Meeting/Banquet Facilities, Parking, Spa, Outdoor Pool