10 International Destinations That Americans Are Booking For New Year’s Eve

There are two important dates in life, the beginning of the journey and how it ends. The 365 days and 52 weeks of the year have been worthwhile experiences for many Americans, each wanting to appreciate this gift of seeing New Year’s Eve in unforgettable ways.

Unlike most other years, Americans are on a new path to celebrate New Year’s Eve in 2022. Surprisingly most Americans book locally for New Year’s Eve cruises. Everyone wants to be close to home while watching the Happy New Year countdown.

And what better way to put an end to the intrigues of 2022 than by visiting one of the top 10 international venues Americans book for New Year’s Eve? Here are the places to consider for an exciting New Year’s Eve in 2022.

10/10 Phoenix, Arizona

Phoenix is ​​another international destination Americans are booking for New Year’s Eve this year, 2022/2023. Visitors will want to enjoy a day or a few weeks at the enchanting Gatsby’s House, NYElectric Countdown, AZ Baby Boomers NYE ​​Gala, and other attractions Phoenix has to offer.

9/10 Space Needle, Seattle, Washington

The Space Needle is seen as a symbol of hope, possibilities, and technological feats. Visitors book New Year’s Eve 2023 at the Space Needle to watch the colorful fireworks display.

Even more exciting are the 200 drones, which are also launched 200-600 feet above the ground.

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8/10 San Diego, California

Still wondering where to cheerfully say goodbye to 2022 and happily 2023? Why not check out San Diego, the destination most Americans are booking to celebrate New Year’s Eve 2022/2023?

When travelers book to San Diego, they don’t just book for the city or its beauty. Travelers want to taste the fresh air away from their comfort zone or home. They want to get a dose of all the fun, parties and great spots in San Diego.

Some of the top destinations and events Americans book in San Diego are: Big Night San Diego NYE, New Year’s Eve at Tower 23, New Year’s Hornblower Cruise, NYE Beach Party, Craft Beer New Year’s, Hard Rock Hotel, Ball on Broadway, Bottoms Up, Pacific Beach NYE Bar Crawl.

7/10 Nashville, Tennessee

Americans know that the best time to be in Nashville is New Year’s Eve. It is perfectly suitable for everyone who wants to celebrate New Year’s Eve at a concert, dinner, party or with fireworks. What a cheerful New Year’s activity that can’t be found in Nashville!

6/10 Los Angeles California

Los Angeles is one of the top international destinations Americans book for New Year’s Eve. From movie showings to gala dinners, museums, zoos, and fireworks, Los Angeles is booked for many exciting New Year’s Eve experiences. Travelers are convinced that they can get the most out of New Year’s Eve in Los Angeles.

5/10 Miami, Florida

amazing! This is the word that describes why Americans book Miami as their New Year’s Eve destination. Hotels, Miami Beach, numerous swimming pools, beautiful gardens, parties, and a host of other festive events are reasons for visitors to pack their suitcases to kiss 2022 goodbye and embrace 2023 in grand style.

4/10 Pigeon Forge and Gatlinburg, Tennessee

These amazing venues top the list of top international venues Americans book for New Year’s Eve. Some are booked as single tickets. Family bookings are also available.

Gatlinburg SkyLift Park and Skybridge fireworks are wonders travelers seek to see. Pigeon Forge has enough festivities to make visitors feel at home and even tempt them to stay longer than they’ve booked!

3/10 Orlando Florida

Americans are looking forward to a beautiful and memorable start to 2023. And for most Americans, Orlando is the best place to pass from New Year’s Eve through 2023. But why Orlando?

Orlando offers a mix of loud and quiet places to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Therefore, party lovers and conservative tourists have a place to match their personalities in Orlando. Some of these venues are The Wheel at ICON Park Orlando, Walt Disney World, The Edison, Rejoice a Gala NYE Night in Hollywood, Thornton Park, Legoland, and SeaWorld.

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2/10 Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is included as most Americans book this crowded city to celebrate New Year’s Eve. As in years past, tourists should expect heavy traffic within this bustling city. And Las Vegas, as famous for its entertainment, parties, and fun, promises to live up to its reputation on New Year’s Eve. Casinos, hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, bars and the town square are waiting to give their visiting guests an unforgettable New Year’s Eve.

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1/10 Times Square, New York

Almost every year, an ocean of heads gather to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Time Square, New York. The big role is credited to the flamboyant, fun, and ball-dropping entertainment, which has become an age-old tradition in America.

What makes New Year’s Eve fun in Time Square is its security, countdown frenzy, and rich variety of experiences in restaurants, lounges, hotels, and bars that fit into every visitor’s pocket.

Bookmarked by Americans, these top 10 destinations show Americans are determined to make the most of 2023 with a sweet New Year’s Eve close-out for 2022.

Prices for hotel rooms, dinners at restaurants and parks, and event tickets are already skyrocketing due to the holiday festivities and the number of people present. We encourage everyone to visit these places during the festive season, especially after the holiday euphoria, because then the prices would have diminished.