10 Of The Best Skiing Spots In South America

Those who want to experience a new winter wonderland should visit the ski areas of South America. Snow falls in the Andes mountains of Argentina and Chile, and it is an attractive opportunity for lovers of cool breezes and white sands.

Apart from conquering the powdery snow of Latin America, visiting the region will warm the hearts of tourists who want to experience new culture and cuisine. South America, after all, has a thriving tourism sector, whatever the season. Add in the hospitality of the locals and the wonderful services of the destinations, and travelers are sure to go home with smiles on their faces and the desire to visit again.

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10/10 Cerro Catedral, Argentina

Located in the lush Nahuel Huapi National Park, Cerro Catedral “has the largest lift-accessible ski area in South America.” This panoramic destination is popular because of the scenic views of Lake Nahuel Huapi, something that relaxes tourists in whatever season they visit. Once on the lift, visitors will understand why the area is a favorite with winter enthusiasts because, beyond the scenery, its terrain offers just the right challenge for all types of skiers. Moreover, after this understanding, they will also fall in love with the place.

9/10 Portillo, Chile

When enjoying winters in Chile, tourists should not miss Portillo. Visitors are guaranteed great services, especially since it is the first ski resort in South America. It is an ideal setting for those escaping from the summer in North America. In this Chilean charm, skiers and snowboarders of all ages will experience thrilling slips and slides whether they stay for a day or for an extended vacation. Its location in the Andes Mountains makes it a place for adventure - great views come secondary.

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8/10 Las Leñas, Argentina

Nestled in the heart of the Andes, Las Leñas is a place where tourists can get lost - not literally - while they find themselves. The powder snow will excite visitors to get out and get active, while providing them with breathtaking views that lull them not from sleep but into a sense of exhilaration. Those who can’t get enough of the Argentine snow can also stay overnight with a toboggan so they can ski day in and day out. After all, the resort offers night skiing. What a really good evening.

7/10 Valle Nevado, Chile

Nestled on the slopes of El Plomo in the Andes, Valle Nevado aims to be the perfect playground for winter hikers - or ‘wonderers’ as the resort offers lessons for those wondering about skiing or snowboarding. The alpine climate of this Chilean destination will tempt guests to conquer more slopes and terrain, giving them only a satisfying stay with snow. If they want to up their game, tourists should try heli-skiing, which is the perfect way to finish off a visit to Valle Nevado.

6/10 Los Penitentes, Argentina

Medium in size but mind blowing. This is what Los Penitentes is about. This ski resort is located at the foot of Mount Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere. It offers 25 runs of various drops and lengths, and the base area has three beginner runs for beginner skiers. Snowboarding can also be enjoyed, and those who want more exciting experiences can book a heli-ski tour. From learning the ropes and ziplining to conquering the rugged terrain, welcoming Los Penitentes aims to please you.

5/10 Antillanca Ski Resort, Chile

A skiing destination on the slope of the Casablanca volcano, Antillanca is a hot winter destination. The name of the resort means ‘the jewel’ or ‘the treasure of the sun’, something that a tourist will easily understand once they step onto this enchanting destination. Nestled in the lush Puyehue National Park, this undefeated destination is ideal for those who want fewer crowds. When guests book weekday skiing, it’s possible to hit the slopes on their own. It only has 14 tracks, but it’s enough to satisfy snow hunters.

4/10 La Hoya, Argentina

La Hoya is perhaps seventh heaven because high mountain moments are always possible at this ski resort. This Patagonian destination has been around since the 1930s, so guests are guaranteed quality services, whether they are beginners or experts. The area is small and has only 24 tracks, and the longest singletrack is 5.1 kilometers long. Whether guests want to play in the snow park or try out sledding rides, La Hoya will take them to snowy moments like no other. It’s small but big on adventure.

3/10 Farellones, Chile

Village and ski resort in one, Farellones, is located in a valley that makes up the area called the Three Valleys. This ski destination is so small that some even consider it part of the larger resort in El Colorado. Being small makes it an attractive place for beginners to try their hand at skiing. They can first enjoy the tubing before conquering the rapids and finally sliding down the 190m vertical slope. For more adrenaline-packed moments, tourists can also visit nearby El Colorado, La Parva, and Valle Nevado. Truly pure bliss.

2/10 Chapelco Ski Resort, Argentina

Family fun is always in store at Chapelco Ski Resort because it hosts activities that cater to the young and the young at heart. To start their day, guests can trek with traditional snowshoes, much like when the first trekking team walked the mountain trails. They can follow it up with skiing before capping off their day with a snowboarding tour. The next day, tourists should not miss enjoying a bobsleigh ride. There are no red-nosed reindeer at this resort, but Siberian Huskies are perfect companions for snow moments.

1/10 Cerro Castor, Argentina

Those visiting Argentina from June to October can consider heading to Cerro Castor, a ski resort on the slope of Crund Mountain. It is the southernmost ski area in the world and an attractive opportunity for those who want to conquer extreme destinations. The resort is young, which makes it modern and safer, so guests can expect above average services. Whether visitors want to snowboard or cross-country ski, charming Cerro Castor will offer you just that. Boredom is zero at this Argentine attraction.