10 ways nannies and babysitters can help with the holiday to-do list

Holidays are crowded (and expensive!), which is why the extra help (and money!) is generally welcomed by everyone. One way for parents to reduce their chores and for nannies or babysitters to increase their income? Join forces.

“The holidays are very stressful for parents because their already very large to-do list just gets bigger,” says Laura Brawley, a 30-year-old veteran educator, counselor, and coach at the Nanny Care Hub in Federal Way, Washington. “However, many nannies have the skills and abilities to take on additional assignments during the holiday season.”

It’s important to note, though: Overtime equals overtime pay. “Nannys should receive additional compensation when they do extra work to help organize, clean, decorate, or manage any tasks outside the job description during the holidays,” says Elizabeth Malson, executive director of the US Nanny Association. separate from their period or vacation bonus.

Whether you need help preparing for parties or extra working hours, here’s how nannies or nannies can help families during the holidays.

1. Register extra hours for childcare

According to Lynn Ziefle, a career counselor at the US Nanny Institute, one of the most impactful ways nannies can help their employers during the holidays is to put in more hours, if their schedule allows. With parties, activities, and errands, parents usually need more childcare than usual.

“A great way that nannies help out during the holidays is to share their availability with the employer early on,” Ziefle says. “If nannies are open for longer hours or if they need time off, parents quickly know they can adjust better.”

This is a great option for families who have regular sitters and would like to earn some extra cash as well.

2. Help with DIY gifts

For parents who would like their children to give their children some handmade gifts, which can be great for anyone from family members to teachers, innovative nannies and nannies can be a great help.

“Whether they’re hand-printing holiday cards for neighbors or other DIY projects,” Ziefle says, “it’s a great way to spend playtime while also helping parents create and share personalized gifts.”

3. Helping to give gifts

Another potential task that nannies can do during the holidays, according to Brawley, is regular shopping and/or gift wrapping, which for some may be more attractive (and thinner) than crafting.

Here are some gift-related tasks that nannies and even some nannies can do:

  • Shop in person and online from the Parents List.
  • exchanges and returns.
  • postal packets.
  • Gift wrapping.

4. Cooking, baking and/or preparing snacks

Ziffel notes that “nannies who like to cook or bake might offer to make cookies for school or healthy snacks for family picnics,” adding Brawley to holiday food-related tasks:

  • Planning and shopping for Eid meals.
  • Preparing for holiday meals (chopping vegetables, making pancake batter, etc.).
  • Locate, hire and coordinate restaurants for holiday meals.

5. Holiday card help

“There are a number of ways nannies can help with family vacation cards,” Brawley says. “In addition to coordinating family vacation photos, which may include finding a photographer, scheduling an appointment, and finding coordinated outfits, nannies can also help process and mail out the actual cards.”

And while some families don’t need to set up a photo session (even if they have one), taking out holiday cards is more than helping enough. This is also a great job for most of the babysitters in college.

“Our nanny has stuffed, processed, stamped and mailed our holiday cards for the past few years,” says Janine Goldman, a mother of four in Short Hills, New Jersey. “It’s a time-consuming task that I’m always afraid of, so I find it very useful.”

6. Prep for the Eid party

Another way for nannies to help ease holiday stress on families, while making extra money, is to help prepare for parties.

“Helping to plan and coordinate a holiday party hosted by the family is a great way for the nanny to earn extra cash,” Brawley says. Here are some of the ways they can help:

  • Create an invitation list with parents.
  • Send invitations.
  • RSVP list management.
  • Create and coordinate the parking lot.
  • Planning, shopping, and helping to prepare food and drink (or organize catering).
  • Coordinating group childcare, if necessary.

Speaking of parties, “nannies also play an important role in managing children’s expectations and teaching self-regulation as well as behaviors during holiday activities and events,” Ziffel notes. Not an easy task!

7. Decorations

Whether it’s buying holiday decor items off a list, taking them out of storage or helping decorate the house, helping out with holiday decorations is another way nannies are usually willing to help, according to Brawley.

8. Vacation travel

For families traveling during the holidays, nannies can be a great source to help coordinate, Brawley explains. Here’s how:

  • Find and coordinate pet groomers or boarding pets.
  • Get car maintenance for traveling on vacation.
  • Packaging assistance.
  • Shipping items, such as gifts, that are not suitable for packaging or carrying.
  • Providing transportation to the airport.
  • Sitting at home (as long as they are present).

9. Holiday Activities Coordination

In addition to parties and gifts, the holidays also offer a range of fun family activities—and yes, nannies can help with that, too.

“Whether they’re coordinating schedules for Polar Express rides, buying tickets for a lights tour or making sure the kids have Christmas sweaters to visit Santa, nannies can be a huge help with organizing holiday activities and events,” Brawley says.

10. Help with older parents

As long as they’re nearby, helping out with elderly families’ parents can be a great way for nannies to earn extra cash during the holidays, according to Brawley. From baking and decorating to providing transportation for holiday events, it can be a flexible little side party for nannies that provides tremendous fun for seniors.