2023 Travel Trends: Trains, Retreats, and Sustainability

Sustainable travel will increase in 2023, making train travel even more popular.

Inside a business-class train carriage in Italy.

Joey Haden / Insider

In a recent survey, Virtuoso, a global travel company focused on experience and luxury, found that 74% of its customers want to spend more money to travel sustainably, and 70% believe that traveling sustainably gives them a better experience, Forbes reports.

Some ways to travel more sustainably include searching for hidden gems, packing light, staying in locally owned accommodations, and choosing to travel by train over flights, Insider previously reported.

“It comes down to the question, ‘How can you make small decisions that add up over time and have a positive impact on the world?'” Kelly Lowes, CEO and founder of Impact Travel Alliance, a nonprofit focused on informing travelers to help better the world, told Insider.

In addition to being motivated by sustainability, travelers are also interested in the aesthetics of train travel. According to Pinterest Predicts, an annual report of what will happen in the next year based on an analysis of data from its users, train travel is expected to boom in 2023 because it can be more aesthetic, comfortable, and environmentally conscious than air travel.

From September 2020 to September 2022, Pinterest Pins for “train trip aesthetic” increased by 205%, “train travel aesthetic” increased by 40%, and “intra-Europe aesthetic” increased by 105%, according to the data.