3 best destinations for ace

Carlos Rodon is arguably the best starting player in a free agency other than Jacob Degrom. The left hand bears no underestimation and is only 29 years old. After struggling with injuries early in his career, Rodon broke ground with the Chicago White Sox in 2021. He followed up his strong performance in 2021 with another All-Star caliber season in 2022 with the San Francisco Giants. And now he is bent on earning huge salaries as a free agent.

In fact, Carlos Rodon is the perfect choice for a number of teams. It’s considered an upscale No. 2 choice for some clubs, but it will slip as an ace for others. Regardless, Rodon will receive a lot of attention in the open market. Without further ado, let’s have a look at the top 3 free agency that suits Carlos Rodon.

Carlos Rodon returns to the Gulf

Returning to the Giants in San Francisco might make sense for Carlos Rodon. The Giants made a qualifying offer that he would turn down. However, San Francisco can expect it. Farhan Zaidi recently said that no free agent is too expensive for the Giants this season. If San Francisco’s goal is to compete in 2023, that alone could tempt Rodon to re-sign with the Giants.

Aaron Judge is expected to be a top priority for giants in the open market. Additionally, San Francisco may choose to sign up for one of the 4 Best Free Agency Short Positions. However, they will definitely touch on the starting spin as well. The prospect of Carlos Rodon pairing up with Logan Webb for years to come should be attractive to the team.

Blue Jays need a pitching

The Toronto Blue Jays were excited about the 2022 season for a number of reasons. Sure, their insult was impressive, but they felt as if their bet would lead them to the World Championship. However, Jose Berrios, Hyun Jin Ryo and Yossi Kikuchi have all dealt with a combination of injuries and poor performances. Kevin Gusman and Alec Manoah put in a good showing, but Toronto would benefit from adding a base pitcher like Carlos Rodon ahead of the 2023 campaign.

For Rodon, it would definitely be a change of pace. He’s already played in Chicago and San Francisco, so he’ll need some time to adjust to the strong AL East. However, the Blue Jays are a competitive football club. Rodon might take one look at his stacked lineup and decide to join the team with aspirations to support the massive run.

This proportion makes sense for both sides. It will be interesting to see if anything comes to fruition between Carlos Rodon and Blue Jays.

replace deGrom


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Joey Mistrita ·

Joey Mistrita ·

If Jacob deGrom leaves the Mets, New York may find itself looking for an alternative replacement. Carlos Rodon might fit the New York bill because they’re looking to spend money on talent in free agency.

Rodon was supplying the Mets with an ace-caliber pitcher along with Max Scherzer over the spin. In the long run, she could totally train as well as sign deGrom given the fact that Rodon is only 29 and DeGrom will turn 35 next year.

In the end, it’s clear that the Mets would prefer to re-sign their long ace at Jacob deGrom. But Carlos Rodon certainly isn’t a bad alternative.

Carlos Rodon is said to have attracted the interest of 18 teams in a free agency, according to Sports Illustrated. He will have no shortage of options to choose from this season.