3 best destinations for ace

Justin Verlander will turn 40 in February. However, Cy Young who is hoping for 2022 will get a lot of attention in the MLB free agent market. But where should Verlander sign what could be the final contract of his historic career? There are 3 teams that feature a Verlander suit.

One team is a clear choice. The second team will provide a strong chance for Verlander to win another world championship. And the ultimate free agency destination is Long Ball Club. Without further ado, here are the 3 best free agency destinations for Justin Verlander.

Justin Verlander returns to Houston

The Houston Astros should be included in this list. Verlander continued to dominate with Stros fresh from the World Championships. The right-handed star cast his World Championship demons out with a great outing at the Fall Classic, and Houston would like to get him back in the spin.

Verlander was headed for a downward spiral with the Detroit Tigers in 2017. It looked as if his days of being considered an ace were over. However, he found his footing again after trading from Detroit to Houston before the 2017 trade deadline. The 2017 Astros’ World Championship is clearly contested by many, but Verlander played a pivotal role in their success regardless.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Justin Verlander returns to Houston next season.

Verlander and Cole in the Bronx

The New York Yankees are looking for a way to win their first World Championship since 2009. In a city that demands a win, anything less than a championship is considered a failure. Given the uncertainty that Aaron Judge faces in New York, the pairing of Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole on top of the Yankees spin would energize the fan base.

Financially speaking, signing Verlander could prove difficult for New Yorkers given their other contracts on the books. But the Yankees have been willing to pay big money in the past, despite the circumstances.

If he lands in the Bronx, the Yankees will automatically feature the best MLB courses with Cole, Verlander and Nestor Curtis at the front. Hunting Verlander away from their MLS opponent, the Astros, is sure to appeal to the Yankees as well.

New York has been an offensive team that has relied on strength for some time. However, solidifying the dominance of the stadiums could help them return to the World Championships.

long shot

This next team will be a good story. Although the odds of this happening are unlikely.


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Joey Mistrita ·

Justin Verlander eventually managed to end his career where it all began…in Detroit with the Tigers.

The Tigers entered the 2022 campaign anticipating the competition. Instead, they faltered in a 66-win season. But they do have a young talent with players like Spencer Turkelson and Riley Greene on the roster. Additionally, Javier Baez may be in store for the throwback season after the disappointing 2022 campaign.

Detroit has an impressive core of young talent that is not yet out of date. The presence of veteran Justin Verlander can help Detroit’s young staff build confidence at the big league level.

Once again, the odds of Verlander returning to a potential non-rival Tiger team are slim. Detroit will need to add more pieces to entice Verlander. It should be noted that AL Central is the weakest team in the MLS. As a result, the rivalry will be possible with some notable moves.

It will be interesting to see where Justin Verlander signs into free agency.