“A third of Portuguese don’t have money for a week’s holiday”, highlights on Facebook

“The Portuguese are among the Europeans who take the least vacation. more than a third (38%) The Portuguese don’t have the money to take a week off. We are the seventh worst country, and can only be compared to the poorest and most indebted countries. Mail On Facebook on August 7, with a polygraph request reality check.

Displays a graph of data in percentagesIn 2020, people couldn’t afford a week’s vacation away from home“, in which Portugal stands out.”Seventh highest in EuropeAmount above 38%. above classification appearance Romania 56%while on the other side Norway only 7%.

“data-title=””One-third of Portuguese people don’t have money for a week’s vacation”, highlights on Facebook - Polígrafo”>

Data is available TRUECompiled from Eurostat (you can refer to it here), the statistical office of the European Union.

Population is the problem A person who is 16 years of age or older is financially incompetent For a week’s vacation away from home until 2020, Eurostat has already provided data for 2021 for some countries (this does not apply to Portugal.

For Portugal, despite the high percentage 38.1% It was registered in 2021 (in fact, it was recorded Seven is high between the member states of the European Union and Much above average It was one of 27 countries in the same year 28.6%) , this is the truth decreases Over the past few years: in 2010for example, 64.6%.

“data-title=””One-third of Portuguese people don’t have money for a week’s vacation”, highlights on Facebook - Polígrafo”>

In 2020, countries with higher percentages (above Portugal) Romania 56.1%Greece 53.1%, Croatia 49.4%, Cyprus 42.6%, Bulgaria 39.3%, Hungary 38.8%.

On opposite sides of the table Norway and SwitzerlandAnd the with 6.9% and 7.9% Respectively, two countries are not in the European Union. limited to 27 member states, Lowest percentage in SwedenAnd the 9.7%.

Regarding the current 2021 data, it is worth noting that the percentage has become higher in Romania. 60%.


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