Australia’s Best Destination Hotels

Some hotels are not just accommodation, they are the destination. Not only is it atmospheric, beautifully designed and exceptionally serviced, but it offers us something unique and memorable in itself - without leaving the property.

In this excerpt from TravelAnd the big cutThe new hardcover book, we look at the best examples from across Australia, including a rainforest eco-lodge, an in-town resort, an avant-garde wine stay and two all-inclusive getaways in the Outback. The best hotels in Australia are one of the 11 special features of TravelRounding up the country’s best wine regions, gated oyster farms, shacks and cabins, art festivals and more.

The rest of the book is divided into seven chapters, each covering a specific country or territory and gathering our favorite sites and experiences to be found there - all 60. Some are quick and easy, like visiting a fish store or country pub. Others cover entire regions, such as Margaret River or Arnhem Land, and contain enough suggestions to plan an entire week.