Best Luxury Airbnb Destinations For 2023: Top 10 Vacations Recommended By Travel Experts

From honeymoon to family vacations, there is one word travelers focus on when it comes to their next vacation - luxury! In fact, the “luxury tourism market” is only growing, as vacationers not only want to travel and see new places, but turn to sites like Airbnb to find the most private and extravagant vacation homes available.

In terms of the amount of money flowing into the industry, a report by Global Market Insights found that the luxury tourism market has surpassed 17 billion dollars In 2021! Furthermore, they estimate that the market will grow at 15 percent annually from 2022 to 2030.

It is not surprising that vacationers go abroad when it comes to travel as previous studies have found that many people are in dire need of a vacation! Because of the pandemic, one survey conducted in the summer of 2022 found that 32 percent of Americans had not had contact with their extended family for four years. Another recent survey found that one in six people has never traveled outside their home country.

As for this aspect of “luxury”, four out of 10 parents are in desperate need of a luxury vacation, so they would drop their kids on the bus if they had a chance to go first class on a flight! Meanwhile, 54 percent expect to spend more than usual on their next vacation to make up for travel time lost during the pandemic.

So, where should you go if you’re looking for the most luxurious vacation possible, with plenty of privacy to boot? The My Jet comparison researchers looked at 27 of the most popular luxury destinations around the world and compared them based on the best Airbnb luxury experiences available in those locations. From that list, the team selected the 10 most luxurious Airbnb destinations that you should add to your wishlist!

St Barth tops the list of luxury holidays

Based on how each site scores the number of Airbnb luxury available (per number of visitors), the average cost per night, and the percentage of properties that offer guests a private pool, hot tub, gym, and beach location, the winner heads to 2023 St. Barth in the Caribbean.

“Street. Barth may be an exclusive location with few visitors compared to other destinations, however, depending on the number of visitors, there is an abundance of luxury accommodation options on Airbnb (approximately 2,202 per 10,000 visitors), the team at Compare My Jet wrote.

Belize It finished in second place, thanks to it being one of the cheapest places for a luxury vacation. On average, Airbnb guests will only need to pay $983 per night for a stay in Paradise. On top of that, literally every guest is guaranteed a great view!

100% of Luxe Airbnb’s in San Pedro, Belize has pool, hot tub, and beach front. However, it can be argued that Belizeans do not believe that anyone should spend their time working out while staying in a very luxurious place, with no luxury Airbnb gym,” the researchers wrote.

Top 10 locations around the world for a luxurious Airbnb experience

Are you looking for luxury on a budget?

Besides Belize, Croatia and Indonesia are three of the least expensive locations that travelers can visit and have fun without breaking the bank.

Meanwhile, if you’re traveling with friends and family, or looking for the perfect wedding venue, Canada tops the list of Airbnb experiences offering luxury properties with no less than eight bedrooms.

Five Less Expensive Locations for the Average Luxury Airbnb:



Average cost of accommodation per night (US$)


Belize (San Pedro City)












Lucia Street


What if price is not an option?

If you are really looking forward to empty your bank account and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime, head to Europe! The survey found the most expensive Luxe Airbnb available in France and Italy, costing more than $23,000 per night! However, on average, you’ll find the most expensive accommodations in Antigua and Barbuda, which cost nearly $13,000 per night for a luxury stay.

France is home to the most expensive Airbnb luxury – Chalet Le Coquelicot can be found in Saint-Bon-Tarentaise, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France and can be rented for around £27,600 per night. The chalet goes above and beyond for amenities including That staff who can drop guests off to the nearest ski lifts, wine cellar and theater,” the Compare My Jet team wrote.

The five most expensive locations for the average luxury Airbnb: