Billionaire Boss Pays For Vacation Of 10000 Employees To Disney World

Vacationing at Disney World is definitely a dream for most kids, including adults who like to take any such opportunity. For thousands of employees of Citadel, the global financial services provider and hedge fund, a dream came true when the company reserved the entirety of Disney World for its employees to celebrate a successful year.

Reuters news agency reported that Ken Griffin, CEO and founder of the company, paid not only for all 10,000 employees worldwide to come to Walt Disney World in Florida, but for their families as well.

The billionaire paid for tickets, hotels and meals ranging from lamb chops to sushi and paella. The agency also stated that it covered travel costs for everyone traveling from cities such as New York, Houston, Paris, Zurich and others. The free trip also included a Coldplay concert where the band performed alongside Carly Rae Jepsen and DJ Diplo.

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According to company spokesperson Zia Ahmed, this is shaping up to be a record year for Citadel and Citadel Securities. Although several other hedge funds failed to perform well this year, the company said its flagship Wellington fund had returned nearly 32% through the end of November, outperforming rivals such as De Shaw’s Composite Fund.

“We have built the most extraordinary team, not only in our history - but also in the history of finance. We have an incredible future ahead of us - and I look forward to the chapters yet to be written,” said Ken Griffin, as reported by the news agency.

According to Forbes Rich List, the billionaire’s net worth is around $31.7 Billion US Dollars (Rs. 2,61,03,84,050) making him the 40th richest man in the world.