Book Vacations Using Only Your Voice With This New AI-Powered App

The app is available for download at Europe site directory. Users can then add the app to their home screen and add passport details.

If you will be traveling with others, you can add their information and book flights and hotel accommodation for them through the app. You can also personalize and personalize your experience by adding your travel preferences.

Stewart said he believes the app represents what the “future of travel” might look like as more and more people discover the ease and convenience of being able to book their trips this way.

“Years ago, people booked vacations in person through travel agents. Then in the 1980s, package holidays were the preferred option before the Internet allowed you to do it all yourself,” Stewart said.

All of this has been enabled by technology and this is the next step in that. Post-pandemic, there has been a huge appetite for travel and people are always looking for easy and accessible ways to do so. This app allows them to do just that and also provides invaluable tips that help people get the most out of their travels. What don’t we like?”

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