Bride Expecting Guests to Pay $6,000 for Flights to Wedding Abroad Dragged

Mumsnet users almost unanimously voted the woman “reasonable,” with 96 percent in favor of her being “annoyed” by her sister’s wedding and inevitable price tag.

The poster’s original destination explained: “My sister is planning a wedding next year in the Pacific Islands. This trip takes 30 to 40 hours and will cost my family at least ÂŁ5,000 ($6,000) in flights alone to get there. We barely You can put up with it but we’re happy to go anyway for the experience and the memories.”

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Destination wedding photo album. The average guest at a wedding abroad spends $2,623, and the most popular destinations for Americans are Mexico, Hawaii, and the Caribbean.
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According to, destination weddings make up one in four weddings in the United States. The site reports that the most popular destination weddings outside the country are Mexico, Hawaii, or the Caribbean. Wedding Forward planners calculated that, on average, an international destination wedding would cost each guest $2,623.

The Mumsnet poster wrote that she had just found out her family would need to find accommodation of their own, “as there was no more room for us in the main villa.” They will be within a half mile of the rest of the family, and cars are not allowed on the island.

“Perhaps it is important to mention that we have two children under the age of six,” the poster adds.

She also wrote that while planning her wedding to her Australian husband, they gave up their dream of getting married in Thailand, so that his family could attend, due to complaints from her family. She adds that her sister and husband have nothing to do with the Pacific Islands.

said Roberta Porceri, master planner and designer at Roberta Porceri Events in London Newsweek About how to treat your wedding guests.

He said, “Having a destination wedding is a huge request from your family and friends because unless you, as a couple, pay for the flights and accommodations for everyone to the destination, that’s a cost that’s coming into the arms of your guests.” porcheri.

“Depending on where guests need to travel to and how long they stay there, their costs just to get there will run from hundreds of pounds or, if it’s an exotic long-haul destination, into thousands of pounds.

“Try to be mindful of any of your wedding guests who may not be able to afford it. Try not to take any feedback you get from guests personally,” Borcheri added.

She offers these essential tips for handling your destination wedding:

  • Consider a smaller guest list, so you can really afford the people who matter most.
  • Ask your guests to bring them in in lieu of gifts.
  • Send out your Save the Dates as soon as possible, six to 12 months before the wedding, so you give your guests enough notice to start saving, and have them RSVP so you can have an accurate head count and plan accordingly.
  • Ask your hotel for a discounted rate if you book a group and look up group airfare with tour operators.
  • If you can, offer to pay for accommodation and airport transfers (and save yourself money by arranging for their arrival and departure at the same time).
  • As the host, you are usually responsible for all the standard events such as the rehearsal dinner, welcome party, and post-wedding brunch. Or, you may offer to pay for any planned group tours or activities.

Mumsnet users supported the OP, with Ms. Tiripratchit writing: “Don’t go. That’s an awful lot of money to spend on feeling bad, which I will.”

User kweeble posted: “I’m not going and better say now; your family budget is a good reason and also the need to visit your husband’s family sometime.”

user1471457751 commented: “Do your parents have a history of prioritizing your sister? It’s strange that they wouldn’t go to Thailand for you despite your family reason but would go to your sister’s Pacific island just because your sister loved to vacation there.”

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