Brooke Burke Sparks Vacation Envy With Zen Glamping Shots

Brook Burke He spends some time with nature, in style, of course.

The 51-year-old TV personality showed off some snaps from her latest camp — or should we say camped in an equipped placeAn Instagram excursion while she was relaxing in her luxury tent setup.

“I woke up like this ✨” she captioned the fresh-faced first shot, which showed her stepping out of the tent onto a sunny, scenic backdrop.

The next slide included a video of Burke inside the heavenly tent, lying with her feet up to take in the scenery and have some time. The post also included a video tour of the entire space, which included a comfy bed and matching puffy chairs.

One fan commented under this post: “What a dream!”

“Not a bad way to start the morning,” added another.

A user asked about the location of Burke’s sleepy destination, though she kept quiet about her exact whereabouts, simply writing, “Beautiful home home,” in response to the question.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen her amazing camping pad, as she previously introduced the feather-covered tent in an Instagram post last month.