Buccaneers looking like likely destination for embattled quarterback

As much as it would hurt moving on from Tom Brady to everyone else, it’s high time the Buccaneers at least thought about what the future holds.

Only a fool does not prepare for the future. Obviously there’s a difference between planning for the future and being so focused on it that you miss what’s happening in front of you, but there is a way for hackers to get the job done without getting too far ahead of themselves in this world. It is unlikely that it will be Tom Brady.

That day is coming. As hard as it is to imagine, Brady won’t be the quarterback on this team forever. The Bucs did what they could to fill out the depth chart behind Brady to keep room in a place that would keep fans happy about future potential, but everyone sees this team as too good to have a guy like Kyle Trask at the helm.

This is a talented Bucs team that will stay in contention if their quarterback is right, and it certainly makes it seem like the team will always be trying to see who can take over the competition.

It can bring pirates and Derek Carr to an interesting place.

Obviously there are a lot of moving pieces (Carr holding, Tampa cap space, Carr play, etc.) but this seems like a move the Bucs could make if they really wanted to.

The Raiders are terrible and should be on the verge of firing their head coach. The Bucs have a great team that is generally only held back by their coaching. The pairing makes a lot of sense for Tampa to avoid this plan in favor of guys like Trask or Blaine Gabbert.

We’re certainly not saying we love the idea, but it sure seems like this should be on people’s radar as Tampa and Las Vegas try to move into the future after this season.

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