Budget Friendly White Sand Beaches To Visit In Gujarat This Winter

If you are looking for a charming beach side destination to visit this year, look no further. India is home to some of the most beautiful travel spots, and if you’ve been craving a beachfront evening that promises white sand on a budget, Gujarat has you covered. Let’s check out some of the most beautiful white sand beaches in the state that you can point out for this winter vacation.

5 Budget Friendly White Sand Beach Destinations In Gujarat For Winter Vacations

1. Mandvi Beach

Best beach destinations in Gujarat
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Looking for white sands, sunsets and windmills? I forgot that International Destinations And head to Mandvi Beach in Kutch. You will find a surreal view of sunsets, soft white sands and the impressively vast Arabian Sea. The beach is studded with an array of windmills, making it a perfect (and very affordable) destination!

2. Pete Island

Beach destinations in Gujarat for this year's bookmark
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Pit Island, also known as Beit Dwarka or Shenkhadar, lies at the mouth of Kutch Bay and has temples, white sandy beaches, and coral reefs for visitors. Not only are there unforgettable sunset views from this island, you can also find plenty of adventure activities and fun water sports near the waves!

3. Gopnath Beach

Gujarat Beach Destinations for Winter Vacations
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This beach is located in Bhavnagar, off the coast of Khambhat Bay Known for its cleanliness and beauty. With limestone cliffs and a rich and varied birdlife, this beach is a great weekend destination for nature lovers and those looking for a break from city life.

4. Shoroad Beach

Best Beach Destinations In Gujarat To Visit This Year
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An offbeat destination even within Gujarat, this small, picturesque local fishing village is for travelers who love it Immerse yourself in cultures, traditions and local life. Located near Somnath, this beach is famous for its “sunken sand”, which makes it a risky but rewarding place to visit.

5. Ngwa Beach

Best Beach Destinations in Gujarat for Winter Trip
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Located in Daman and Diu, this beautiful horseshoe shaped beach is secluded and ideal for travelers who want to enjoy nature without facing huge crowds. With clean water and pure white sand, this beach is great for all your Instagram stories and Facebook updates.

Do you like to travel to the seaside? Have you ever visited white sandy beaches in India or abroad? Tell us in the comments below!

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