Chevy Chase recreates iconic scene from ‘Christmas Vacation’ at Raising Cane’s

MORTON GROVE, Ill. (Gray News) - It’s beautiful, Clark!

Chevy Chase recreated the iconic scene from “Christmas Vacation” during a lighting ceremony at Raising Cane’s in Illinois.

Hundreds of people gathered for the lighting ceremony Tuesday night at the Raising Cane restaurant in the Chicago suburb of Morton Grove.

The event was filmed for a holiday commercial.

A video shared by the restaurant chain shows Raising Cane founder Todd Graves introducing Chase to the audience as the actor holds a pair of extension cords.

“Drumroll, please,” Chase said, blocking the ropes. Of course, the lights don’t work, but like in the movie, the screen lights up on the second try.

Fortunately, unlike “Christmas Vacation,” the show did not cause a citywide blackout.

Chase and Graves then drive away in a replica of the Griswold family’s famous wood-panelled station wagon, with a Christmas tree strapped to the top.