Cohome gets reprieve from Morristown zoning board

Status to turn on again and turn off again Cohome Inc. once again.

After hearing a lawyer Middle East and Africa neglect Because a major meeting was missed, the Morristown zoning board on Wednesday voted unanimously to reactivate the controversial app on it unanimously. eviction Last month.

“You know, I think it’s partly a matter of misunderstanding and partly in part,” he said. Frank VitoloCohome, a free attorney for Miller Road housing for developmentally disabled adults.

The ‘Additional Housing Unit’ at Cohome on Miller Road in the Morristown Historic District, January 22, 2022. Photo by Marion Feller

Last month, Vitolo who was on vacation in what was supposed to be the crucial hearing at the Cohome founder, did not show up. Nate Discount Searching for about a year for variance of use, so that he can live in an outbuilding as a patron.

Neighbors argued that such a detached apartment could change the character of the city’s historic district.

Angry board members rejected Cohome’s request in August. They hinted that it had taken too long - five hearings and three adjournments since November 2021. They also criticized Vitolo for failing to provide timely responses to their inquiries.

The rejection was “without prejudice,” meaning Cohome was free to start from scratch and resubmit.

“We do not penalize the applicant.”

Vitolo said Wednesday via Zoom that it would be a “real shame” to reconsider the entire case, or appeal in court.

The attorney said he should have taken note of his leave plans. And he “probably” erred in assuming that the board would approve his written request for a postponement.

“I have more than 20 of these cases of active land use, and sometimes the dates are all mixed up. So my apologies to the board of directors,” Vitolo said. “I certainly would never want to waste your time and efforts. I know this is a volunteer party and you are doing your best and I am trying that too.”

“I don’t think it would be a good idea to punish (Diskint) either because, you know, my absence is on vacation,” Vitolo added.

The council offered no explanation for the change of face. but a member James Bednares He objected to Vitolo’s statements.

Zoning board member James Bednares is pictured on his second tour in six years of a proposed housing site on Turtle Road, June 12, 2021. Photo by Bill Liskoher

We didn’t dismiss this on the basis of the fact that he was on vacation, number one. And secondly, we do not penalize the applicant because his attorney was on vacation. “That’s not what this council does,” Bednares said.

While it would have been nice if Vitolo remembered that he “takes a vacation every August at the same time in the same city,” Bednars continued, cases are evaluated on their merits.

“We are not a punitive group. And we don’t take it on people because they go on vacation,” the board member said, during a virtual meeting that lasted more than three hours.

Broadway Bill Lee and Morris Arts Chairman Frank Vitolo at Great Conferences 2022. Photo by Kevin Coughlin

It is not known what the council discussed in a closed session last month. But the members entered knowing that Vitolo had won his last fight in court, coup 2021 Board of Trustees featuring planned apartments on South and Dhart Streets.

The final testimony in the Cohum case is now scheduled for November, nearly a year after it was presented.

Vitolo must send new notices to residents within 200 feet of Cohome. The board will allow him to reopen his case - he rested it in April - to reinstate the scheme Michael Toubia To answer outstanding questions.

Former Board Member Jeff Styles He will also be allowed to testify as an objector according to the Vice Chairman Scott Wild. Wilde said that general questions will be limited to the new testimony.

Join him in voting to re-app BDnarz, Noel Nesche, Tom Ferrara, Barbara McNally, Anthony Murphy And the Rachel Blacker. president Steve Belichuk step aside himself.

In other business…

For the second time, the board cut short a hearing on plans by New Cingular Wireless PCS LLC (AT&T) to install a Dozens of antennas Above the former Ambassador apartments on South Street

The mobile phone company agreed to return this month with displays showing a backup generator and heating/air conditioning for a basement control room.

And after the engineer’s statement Kyle McKennaThe Silverman Group She’ll have another expert witness next month as she seeks variations on “Turtle Two.”

The proposed three-story, 28-apartment complex got off Turtle Road, in the parking lot behind 161-163 Madison Ave. , on initial approvals last December.

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