Couple Finds Dog Abandoned In Middle Of Nowhere And Takes Her On Vacation

Megan Manarelli Martin and her husband haven’t taken a vacation in years, but recently, they’ve finally been able to find the time. The couple runs a special needs rescue operation called Rafiki’s Rescue, and it’s hard to get away from that. They even brought three rescue cats with them just to make it work. With the car jammed and the cats settled, they set out on a road trip, eager to relax and recharge.

Apparently, though, rescue work follows them everywhere, because four hours into their vacation, they spot an abandoned dog running in the middle of a very busy road.

Megan Manarelli Martin

At that point in the trip, they were out of nowhere, so it seemed very likely that the dog, later named Kevin, had been dumped. They knew they couldn’t leave it there, and immediately went into rescue mode.

“Kevin was terrified when we saw her, but she was very concerned about saving her,” Manarelli Martin told The Dodo. “It took an hour to gain her trust. I couldn’t chase her if that would make her more frightened and back halfway. So I sat at the middle divider and let her come and go towards me for an hour before she finally got close enough that I was confident enough to grab her.”

Megan Manarelli Martin

Once Kevin was safe, they settled in the car and scanned it for a chip. Since she didn’t have one, they checked out local online forums and contacted local shelters in case she had a family looking for her. In the meantime, they decided the best thing to do was take her with them on vacation.

Megan Manarelli Martin

They stopped to get all the supplies they needed to take care of her and then continued on their way. Kevin was understandably scared, but the more time she spent with the lifeguards, the more relaxed she was, and before long she transformed into the sweetest and most exhilarating little dog.

“It stabilized remarkably quickly under the circumstances,” Manarelli Martin said. “She was very, very scared that first night, but also visibly grateful to be safe. By the third night, she was jumping with excitement when she saw us.”

Kevin has gone from fearing for her life halfway out to explore Sequoia National Park with some strangers and their rescue cats, but it doesn’t seem to bother her one bit. She was very happy to join her. She loved every stop on the road trip, especially as time went on and I left her guarding more. After everything she’s been through, the couple couldn’t believe how amazing she was. It was as if they were supposed to find her.

“Kevin is a wonderful lover,” Manarelli Martin said. “She is so happy and just wants to be loved and cuddled.”

Megan Manarelli Martin

The wild ride has since ended, and Kevin is now settled in her foster home. She does well and loves to play with her siblings, cats and dogs alike. She’ll soon be ready to find her forever home - unless she becomes a failure.

“She will be ready for adoption in the next two weeks after her last vaccination — that is, if I can give her away,” Manarelli Martin said. “We are totally connected.”

Megan Manarelli Martin

Megan Manarelli Martin and her husband have been trying to get away from the rescue business for a few days. Instead, they find themselves in the right place at the right time to change Kevin’s life.

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