Deion Sanders to Colorado seen by ESPN insider as likeliest destination if Jackson State football coach leaves

Deion Sanders Colorado has been tied since reports surfaced that the Buffaloes have offered the head football coach at Jackson State their job openings, and the Tigers leader has publicly confirmed the situation. Pete Tamale was asked this week on the ESPN College GameDay Podcast about which, if any, FBS opener would be the best landing spot for Sanders, and he answered with CU. Tamiel broke the situation between Colorado and Sanders in a conversation with Rhys Davis.

“(The position opened) a long time ago, and they have a range of opportunities to adapt,” said Tammell. “So it’ll be really interesting to see if he ends up being Deion and then you know what and how he handles all the responsibilities. He’s never been in an FBS school. He’s never been in a Power Five school. How do you run a (recruitment) board? How? You run the roster? How do you run the gate? It would be a really interesting managerial challenge for (athleticating director) Rick George to kind of lift Deion and get him to run there in Boulder, which is a place where you don’t really have a big natural recruiting base. It’s a complicated place to win. And Deion Sanders He showed his ability to win in Jackson State. There is no doubt about that. He has a talented roster that plays well, his son is a midfielder. … If you told me she was Miss Southern, no one would blink.

Jackson State is 11-0 this season and 26-5 with Sanders at the helm since 2020, but the Buffs will make a jump.

“It will be interesting to see how Deion handles some adversity because their roster is now completely bare in Colorado,” said Tamiel. “But that wouldn’t be USC where (they’re going to make the playoffs next year). So Deion, there were moments where he didn’t handle adversity well. So it’ll be interesting to see if you’re 3-6 and just things that happen as the season goes on. And again, the Colorado football program isn’t covered quite as well as the Alabama football program, but there will be scrutiny, there will be more accountability. You can’t yell at a reporter because she calls you by your first name.”

When asked to put up odds on where Sanders ends up, Thamel said Colorado “because it’s been so public and nobody holds back.”

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“Look, we’re in the Coach cult…but Dion is going to take this cult to a whole new level,” said Tamiel. “I’ve heard people think he’s going to win the national title and I’ve talked to people who think he’s going to be a complete failure. … You talk to people who think Deion can run the place into the ground and you talk to people who think they can take them back to the glory days of Eric Bienemy. … And so it’s like “Let’s go, let’s let it rip. That’s what we’ve said all along here. This is a billion-dollar entertainment project and nowhere will it have more potential entertainment than Boulder next year if Dion is around.”