DOODHPATHRI: A tourist destination

District administration, Tourism Department of Jammu and Kashmir, and other concerned departments will find many other hidden facts about the beautiful place after it becomes a tourist destination in Kashmir valley.

The Budgam district administration has made many efforts to upgrade the district as the Budgam district still lacks many basic facilities for the tourism sector. There are popular tourist places in the area like Yousmarg and Doodhpathri.

Tusmaidan is a newly introduced tourist destination with great potential for tourism and needs help from the central government.

Rayar -Ich

Raiyar Ich is a picturesque little village and resting place for the tourists. Raiyar consists of two Kashmiri words i.e. “RAI” meaning lost and “YAAR” meaning friend in Kashmiri language.

So this village was given the name by the “Kashmiri Sufi mystic saint” Sheikh Nooruddin Wali (may God be pleased with him). When he reached the said village from the forests of Pir Panjal, he sent his friends to different parts of Kashmir to spread the teachings of Islam, and he was able to start his journey alone towards Drigham Cave.