Fabio Quartararo focused on the championship… and on holiday from Instagram

With three races left in the MotoGP Championship, Fabio Quartararo is now just two points behind Francesco “Pico” Bagnaia. At a truly crucial stage and where no mistake is likely to allow a recovery, the Frenchman has shown signs that he is fully focused on what matters: the championship. The rider went even further and went on a “holiday” on Instragram.

As an acknowledged social media user with a particular focus on Instagram, Quartararo has indicated that he doesn’t want any distractions from now on and has gone into “holiday mode”.

For example, if not everything changes on Twitter or on the official Facebook page, the fact is that there is a clear difference on Instagram, where the contestant removes his profile picture and in his bio: ‘take a break’.

A simple gesture, but it may have many analyses. What is certain is that the rider came from one of his worst showings of 2022, with a 17th place at Buriram, in a race where he struggled from start to finish.

The Frenchman has 219 points at the moment, two points behind Bagnaya - his main title contender - while there are still 75 points in the competition.