Fall 2022’s Top Domestic Travel Destinations, According To Tripadvisor

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean the busy travel season is coming to an end. In fact, Tripadvisor’s Fall 2022 Travel Index, released on August 16, revealed that six in ten US respondents (or 61 percent) in a study indicated they were planning a fall trip this year. If you find yourself in this group and need some inspiration for the upcoming long weekend, you’re in luck. In the Tripadvisor report, the travel advisory platform also identified this fall’s top local destinations, which include plenty of easy trips for last-minute vacations.

While it’s fun to dream of a remote destination as your next getaway, Tripadvisor notes that the rising cost of living is a factor in planning right now. So while inflation won’t necessarily prevent people from escaping, it will affect where and how they go. In fact, he said of the data in the report: “More than a third (35 percent) [of Americans] They are more likely to travel for shorter periods of time, and nearly a quarter (24 percent) said they were more likely to travel closer to home than previously planned.”

Fortunately, it’s easy to do with the top domestic destinations for fall 2022, according to Tripadvisor data:

  1. Las Vegas, Nevada
  2. New York, New York
  3. Orlando Florida
  4. Honolulu, Hawaii
  5. Lahaina, Hawaii
  6. Key West, Florida
  7. Nashville, Tennessee
  8. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  9. New Orleans, Louisiana
  10. Miami Beach, Florida

It is clear that these sites will be crowded. According to the report, domestic flights actually remain the top choice among American travelers, with more than 81 percent of Americans surveyed saying they would choose domestic travel in the fall.

However, while many of these cities are perfect for a quick vacation, the Tripadvisor report pointed to another upside: long-haul air travel. “Of those surveyed, more than 40 percent of American travelers will travel more than seven hours and nearly half (49 percent) plan to travel by plane,” the brand wrote. Plus, while some shorten their trips, this necessarily means that they will short. This fall, 56 percent of Americans plan to get away for at least four nights, and 33 percent plan for five or more. Compared to Tripadvisor’s Fall 2021 Travel Index, which showed many are choosing stays-style trips, the latest data suggests Americans are willing and willing to travel a lot — even if it means cutting costs elsewhere.

Alexandre Spatari / Moment / Getty Images

Whatever your vacation preferences this fall, the popular destinations listed above provide you with a wealth of ideas. And if you feel the need to travel abroad? The Tripadvisor report also identifies the top popular fall destinations around the world to inspire more wanderlust, which you can find (along with more trend insights) here. Happy planning!