Foods that aren’t safe for pets to eat, preparations ahead of the holidays

Salem, Virginia. - It’s almost a holiday, and you’re probably already thinking about what delicious treats to eat. However, when you go to hand out scraps to your furry friends, you might want to think twice.

Salem Animal Hospital has shared some ways to keep your four-legged companions safe this holiday season.

Below is a list of some foods that are harmful to dogs and cats, according to the SAH.

Image source Salem Animal Hospital (Credit: Salem Animal Hospital) (WSLS)

You or your guests may just think they’re giving your pet a treat to enjoy, but the experts at SAH say it won’t be good for animals.

To combat this, Dr. Rich Bryant, co-owner and medical director of Salem Animal Hospital, says you should set boundaries with your guests before meeting.

“Make sure your guests know the rules. As new people come, they should know that these foods can be harmful,” Dr. Bryant said.

And it’s important to note that food doesn’t necessarily have to be handed to your animals - they can be sneaky and pass it off the table, countertops, or even out of the trash.

“Everything in the garbage bag, all the food that dogs smell, the droppings, the raw food…make sure the lids are down, and the garbage bag is out of reach of your pets. No one wants to spend the vacation with a pet emergency.”

Salem Animal Hospital added that it’s a good idea to make sure your pets’ microchips are up-to-date in case they’re out of the house during the holiday hustle.

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