Gay Couple Surprise Each Other by Beautifully Proposing Same Time While on Vacation

  • Bradley Fox Jones and Joshua Parker have been dating for four years, and they both had a big surprise for each other to celebrate their fourth anniversary.
  • What the couple didn’t know was that they were planning the same surprise and decided to go on vacation to celebrate their anniversary
  • During the vacation, Bradley got down on one knee and asked Joshua to marry him, surprised Joshua also got down on one knee and proposed to Bradley

Bradley Fox-Jones had been practicing kneeling for several months before heading off on a summer vacation with his friend Joshua Parker.

gay couple
Bradley Fox-Jones and Joshua Parker proposed to each other while on vacation. Photo: Bradley Fox-Jones.
Source: UGC

Fourth anniversary celebration

Fox Jones, who is based in Portsmouth, Hampshire on the south coast of England, was proposing to his longtime partner on the beach during a vacation in Crete to celebrate their fourth anniversary.

SWNS reported that Parker had plans of his own. The journalism student hit his friend hard when he asked Fox-Jones to marry him first.

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He said, “When Joshua came forward, I was shocked. It was a little dumb, but all I could say was ‘Really?'” “

However, Fox-Jones quickly recovered and then got down on one knee and suggested Parker because he was planning to do that too. The entire double proposal was videotaped.

Their unique engagement wasn’t the only surprise in the couple’s romance, according to Fox-Jones, who said he couldn’t believe they were in a serious relationship, at first.

Extended embrace

He said, “I didn’t grow up thinking I was going to get married.” I didn’t think I’d be able to, because I’m super flashy. I didn’t think I was someone people would want to bring home.”

“Nobody had truly loved me before Josh. I was okay with being single because I gave in to that. But then, as soon as I met Josh, I was like, wow, there’s really something here.”

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After an extended hug after the proposals, the couple enjoyed the rest of their trip on the island, which neither of them had visited before.

“We had the best vacation ever,” said Fox-Jones. “We are now an engaged couple, but we are still the same people.”

The most memorable visit to Crete was the first in their relationship. Fox-Jones told SWNS of his now-fiancée, “I was his first love, his first kiss and everything.”

Another couple propose to each other

In a similar scenario, an American couple is getting so much love on TikTok right now that they both took advantage of a perfect sunset during a vacation in Mexico to propose to each other.

Corey Francis did the pre-planning of his proposal to Trevor Turk. The couple’s photographer was ready with his tools to capture the tear-filled moment.

But both of them were surprised when Turk ran on one knee, too.

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“Out of the 1,250 offers I’ve gotten in my career, this is my first double proposal. Congratulations to both of them!” The photographer captioned the scene.

Al-Turk, a registered nurse, said:

“I was so surprised. I was so surprised, but I was really so happy, tears were running down my face, and he was crying too.”

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