Girl crushed to death by falling marble statue on family holiday in Germany

A seven-year-old girl was killed when a statue fell in a horrific tragedy on holiday in Germany.

Lavinia Trimatera, from Naples, Italy, was playing in the courtyard of a Munich hotel during a family vacation when the statue, weighing nearly 200kg, hit her on Friday evening.

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The young woman was vacationing with her parents, lawyers Michel Trematera and Valentina Boggi, when the tragedy unfolded.

Her father Trimatera was watching when the statue fell and rushed to help his daughter, according to local media.

“A cry made many people aware of the situation and were able to free the child,” Munich police said in a statement.

Paramedics took the girl to the hospital, but she later died of her injuries.

Lavinia Trematerra was crushed by a statue in the courtyard of a hotel in Munich. attributed to him: Comune di Ponza Informa

And Italian media reported, on Tuesday, that the local authorities in Munich are continuing to investigate the cause of the statue’s collapse.

Little Lavinia’s parents are waiting for her body to be released so they can bring it home in Naples, according to a translation of the Quotidiano Nazionale report.

An Italian news website said that German police are investigating whether the fatal accident was caused by the wrong placement of the statue without a ground anchor in the courtyard.

“RIP the love of our life”

Lavinia’s stricken mother, Boogie, shared her grief online in a touching tribute to her little girl.

“You are and always will be our angel. RIP is the love of our life,” she wrote, according to Quotidiano Nazionale.

“The mayor, on behalf of the entire municipal administration, clings to the anguish of the Trimatera and Poggi family for the sudden and tragic disappearance of little Lavinia,” Comune di Ponza Informa posted in a social media post translated from Italian.

The Italian Consulate in Munich supported the couple during this time.

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