Greece Is One Of Europe’s Top Destinations For 2023 - These Are 3 Of The Most Beautiful Islands To Visit

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Greece is officially considered one of the top tourist destinations in Europe for 2023, having reached a new peak of popularity after reopening to tourism and launching a digital visa for backpackers. There is no shortage of wonderful sights to be found throughout the Hellenic Republic, however 3 islands in particular are trending For its picturesque nature, rich traditions and absolute beauty.

Greece is one of the top destinations in Europe for 2023 - these are 3 of the most beautiful islands to visit

As confirmed by the European Travel Commission (ETC), Greece is one of the countries Americans are most likely to visit in 2023, more so than Italy, Spain, and many other Mediterranean competitors. With 94 percent of travelers “satisfied” or “very satisfied” with their recent European summer experience, it goes without saying that Greece It will be busier than ever Come in July.

We know that picking just one island out of 227 is tough, so… We’ve narrowed it down to 3 (awesome) options. To make things easier for you:

A tourist bathed in a swimming spot facing Papavaragas Cave in Milos, Cyclades Island in Greece, Aegean Sea


The pearl of the Ionian Sea

Regularly described as one of the liveliest islands in Greece, Corfu lies in the westernmost province of the country, 21 miles from the Albanian mainland. It is home to more than 100,000 people, 40,000 of whom reside in Corfu Town, also called Kerkyra, It is known to be more cosmopolitan of the other smaller Greek islands.

The ‘medina’ has wide leafy streets lined with shops and the Italian architecture - an indelible mark of four centuries under Venetian rule - is charming. yard Surrounded by colorful houses and outdoor restaurants, and The maze-like old city is full of historical monumentsIncluding two majestic forts.

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View of Corfu Old Town from the Neo-Venetian Castle, Corfu Town, Greece

In addition, Kerkyra has a high density of clubs and bars, and it is usually overflowing with tourists on weekends. However, if busy city life doesn’t feel like the vital, you can turn to the many small, quaint towns along the Corfiot Coast, which stretches for 135 miles. A short half-hour drive northwest of the capital, you will reach Paleokastritsa:

A fishing village and bay surrounded by a turquoise ocean, it is believed to be the place where Odysseus was drowned by the vengeful Poseidon, before washing ashore and meeting Princess Nausicaa for the first time. Other settlements are both shrouded in legend It offers easy access to the beach including Pelekas, Kassiopi and Benitses.

A beautiful bay surrounded by a turquoise ocean in Corfu, Ionian Sea, western Greece


Santorini’s younger and more authentic sister

The extreme southwest of the Cyclades, just north of the Cretan Sea, Milos is a A small island inhabited by 5193 peopleIt can only be reached by ferry from neighboring islands or by flights departing from Athens. Due to its isolation, it is more authentically Greek, and receives far fewer tourists than other Cycladic centres.

Alongside the famous whitewashed Greek villas and blue-domed churches facing azure waters, Milos is easily distinguished as The original home of Venus de Miloone of the most remarkable works of Greek art now on display at the Louvre Museum, in Paris, and an extensive list of iconic sculptures distributed throughout Europe.

The boat is docked at the marina in Milos, a small island in the Cyclades group of islands in Greece, Aegean Sea, Mediterranean Sea

Bursting with culture and an attractive vacation spot, it attracts history buffs looking to escape the sweltering summer crowds, and take a relaxing break at the seaside. Tourism has certainly grown in recent years, but it has also grown It has not yet reached unsustainable levels It was seen in Oia, the main city of over-touristed Santorini, or Mykonos.

Among the top-rated sights in Milos that Google has ranked, based on visitor numbers and local insights, we have pebble beaches bordered by white volcanic cliffs, sandy crescents lined with bars, an ancient theater perched on a hillside, 13th-century Venetian castles with impressive panoramic views. On the island and its rugged coast.

A tourist wearing a big white hat sits on a railing overlooking a charming harbor full of whitewashed houses on an island in Greece, southeast of Europe, Mediterranean region


A gem of the ancient Dodecanese

in the far east of Greece, A stone’s throw from the coast of TurkeyThe often overlooked Aegean gem is Rhodes, the largest of the Dodecanese Islands. It is also the most populous insular unit on this list, with 124,851 permanent residents (although this number usually doubles during peak tourist season).

From luxury seaside resorts to ancient monumental complexes, the island really ticks all the boxes, although its main attraction is the eponymous city of Rhodes, where guests will find One of the best preserved medieval castles In Europe still in use, it is traversed by the famous Street of Knights, and packed With Byzantine palaces and churches.

An ancient castle in Rhodes Town, the capital of the island of Rhodes in the Greek Dodecanese group of islands, in the eastern Mediterranean

Ancient history lovers will be excited to know that the Marina of Rhodes is the exact location where the Colossus of Rhodes is located. Wonders of the ancient worldIt was floating until it collapsed during an earthquake in the second century BC. Fortunately, countless Rhodesian monuments have stood the test of time, such as Lindos Acropolis and Kamiros ruins.

When it comes to outdoor experiences, Rhodes is just that Packed with natural wonders, with the aptly titled Butterfly Valley, the heavenly springs of Kallithea, and the rolling green hills of Filerimos to name a few. Even in winter, temperatures It rarely drops below 12 degrees and reach pleasant heights at 20, making it The perfect sunny getaway all year round.

Lindos Acropolis, Rhodes Island, Greece

If you are up for it Off the beaten path in Greeceand explore this amazing country for a longer time, perhaps you should consider applying for The Greek digital nomad visa, which allows you to stay in the territory for a period of more than 3 months. Find out how to apply, as well as other information about religion and requirements here.

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