Greece Wins Best Tourism Destination Title at Norway’s Grand Travel Awards

Sounio, Greece. Photo Source: Visit Greece.

Greece has been voted as Best tourist destination for 2023 in the year Grand Travel Awards (GTA) A recent party was held in Oslo, Norway.

In operation for 25 consecutive years, GTAs are organized by Reese Magazine, one of Scandinavia’s leading travel publications, and its website Travel newsOperating in Norway and Sweden, it is considered the most important annual meeting for the local tourism industry.

Pavlos Mormas, Head of GNTO Scandinavian Branch, before receiving the award. Photo Source: Visit Greece.

During the event, Greece was named the Best Tourism Destination for 2023 after the Scandinavian branch of the Hellenic National Tourism Organization (GNTO) was honored last year as The best foreign tourist office.

Pavlos MormasGNTO’s Scandinavian and Baltic Branch Head, received the award, thanking all who voted for Greece on behalf of GNTO and its Secretary General. Dimitris Vragakis.

“What is the characteristic that makes our country attractive to Norwegians? Is it only the sea and the sun, the sandy beaches, the gastronomy, the nature, the culture and the scattered ruins and archaeological sites that turn the country into a “Open air museum“?” Mormas thought.

Then he added that traditional Greek hospitality She was the theme behind the country’s popularity and invited all Norwegians to visit the country this year assuring them that “you may come as ‘guests’ but you will return as ‘friends'”.

(From left) Konstantinos Danassis, Chargé d’Affaires of the Greek Embassy in Oslo. Pavlos Mormas, Head of GNTO Scandinavian Branch: Flyr Airlines Strategic Advisor to CEO Lasse Sandaker-Nielsen; Flyr Airlines Chief Financial Officer, Brede Huser. Photo Source: Visit Greece.

On the sidelines of the event, Mormas, along with the charge d’affaires of the Greek Embassy in Oslo Konstantinos Danasismet with Flyer airline Strategic advisor to the CEO Lacey Sandaker Nielsen The company’s financial director Brady Houser.

The parties discussed extending the airline program to Greece, connecting Norway to more Greek destinations.

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