Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Funkos Now Available for Pre-Order

Marvel fans are currently in the middle of Phase 4. While major projects like Black Panther: Wakanda Forever In 2022, one of the little things to get excited about is Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Written and directed by James Jenn. The special holiday It’s coming out later this year, and now we’ve got a fresh look at the Disney special thanks to Funko. Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special Funko Pop! The line is now ready for pre-order.

The new wave includes four numbers. There’s a Star-Lord in a Santa hat holding a gift, Groot in reindeer antlers holding a very tall gift, Mantis wearing an ugly Christmas sweater/Christmas tree headband set holding a giant candy cane, and Drax wearing an ugly Christmas sweater and having a holiday game under Title. Also, part of this line is Groot’s new Funko Soda that’s hilariously entwined in Christmas lights as if Clark Griswold was from Christmas holiday. They own a lot guardians Funko’s products have been around for the past decade, but these new pops take the Christmas crown as the best the company has ever produced.

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While not much is known about this special holidaybetween Thor: Love and Thunder and next vol. 3. Marvel Studios has experimented with a lot of different genres in Phase 4 - Doctor Strange in a multiverse of madness and next werewolf at night Explore the Disney + Halloween horror genre special in the meantime love and thunder A complete romantic comedy. While this isn’t the first time the studio has put together a story during the holiday season, it isn’t the first time the studio has put together a story during the holiday season. special holiday It will be a Marvel movie about the classic Christmas movies and tales that made our childhoods. Beloved guardians are the perfect characters to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year.

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If these Jolly Funkos are any indication, Marvel fans are on vacation with this upcoming special. Just imagining Drax or Mantis in Christmas sweaters is a smile, and it looks like the Guardians are doing their best to make this the best Christmas the galaxy has ever seen. The special holiday It will be one of the last times we will see the current iteration of this now distinguished team. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 The end result is set to be the story Gunn started with his 2014 hit film. The third film has been dispensed as a more mature tale and will focus heavily on Rocket’s backstory.

However, before we prepare to cry vol. 3Fans will enjoy Christmas to remember in this special holiday. You can request a file special holiday Funko Wave is on Entertainment Earth now. You can also find more information about these new festive pops on the Funko website. Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special It is expected to premiere on Disney+ in December.