Here’s Where You Should Go on Vacation, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Paris cityscape with the Eiffel Tower at sunset

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“I haven’t gone everywhere, but it’s on my list” one of the most famous quotes about travel. But with vacation limitations and budget constraints, the fact of the matter is that most travelers won’t be able to make it to every single destination on their lists. However, the world is more connected and accessible than ever before, and many people are eager to return to the world after a turbulent few years and come home. The demand for travel, especially for meaningful experiences, has never been higher. To take some guesswork out of where you should travel next, we have the perfect solution: Enter flights based on your zodiac sign - a fun, whimsical, and slightly grotesque way to choose your next destination.

Are you a mission-oriented Aries, creative Leo, or artistic Pisces? How about a flamboyant Sagittarius, a sensual Scorpio, or a flaming Gemini? To help narrow down our comprehensive travel lists, we chose Arizona-based astronomer Molly Cardinal to guide us through these vacation plans inspired by your zodiac sign. Don’t worry if you’re visiting another tag destination - this list is simply meant to inspire you and broaden your horizons when planning your next trip. Read on for Cardinal’s picks for where you should consider your next vacation, based on your zodiac sign.

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Aries: A Gorilla’s Journey in Rwanda

Gorilla safari in Rwanda is one of the most amazing animal experiences on earth and a great choice for a ram sign. According to the Cardinal, Aries is a mission-oriented sign, and as the first sign of the zodiac, they are also not afraid to enter an unknown territory in their mission. “They will appreciate being able to traverse lands that are often unaffected by crowds of tourists and enjoy the authentic landscapes of the animals in their environment,” Cardinal says.


Taurus: Eat your way through Emilia-Romagna, Italy

Venus rules Taurus and is associated not only with the material quality of food, but with its beauty and distinction, making a country known for its food the perfect getaway. The Cardinal adds: “Emilia-Romagna’s culinary excellence, slowing pace of busy tourism, exquisite architecture and art make it the perfect destination for Thoros to use their senses.” Heritage foods like Parmesan cheese, balsamic vinegar and Parmesan ham help this region shine brighter than any other Italian region in terms of gastronomy.


Gemini: Taking a Scenic Train Across Canada

Our astrology proponent explained that the Gemini mind is constantly on the move, zigzagging from place to place in a way that might take the rest of us an extra rhythm to catch up. She says, “They love to learn, explore and stories. A ride on the Rocky Mountaineer Train across Canada immerses them in amazing sights while they can listen to the hosts entertain them with stories and information about what they’re seeing.” The double sign can appreciate the atmosphere and complexity of train travel, which dates back to a different era.


Cancer: Skiing in Snowmass, Colorado

The pristine and charming ski town of Snowmass is the perfect destination for our crab friends. “Non-stop high-energy adventure is not for everyone, and since Cancers are driven by the tides and flows of passion and energy, it is best if they travel somewhere where they can choose from different activities to suit their current tune, hit the slopes, explore the local restaurants, board the ship, or take children to play games in the village,” Cardinal says. Accommodation options like private rentals or a Viewline Resort are sure to satisfy that mountain escape (and give Cancers a place to return to when they’ve had enough of their day and crave the amenities of a luxury hotel).


Leo: Exploring Wine Country in Sonoma County, California

Leo loves creativity and recreation, which makes this top wine destination a win-win situation. Ruled by the sun, the center of the solar system, Leo also expects the best. A trip to Sonoma is just right for Leo to experience the famous and innovative wine with a premium on the long, sunny seasons of summer. Travelers can stay right in the heart of everything at MacArthur Place in Sonoma, take floral design classes to boost creativity, or use free e-bikes for a dose of recreation.


Virgo: Enjoying Lake Life in Minnesota

A trip to the land of 10,000 lakes and the most beautiful “Up North” resort, the Grand View Lodge, calls out to the first sign. “Virgoes value a balance between lively physical activities and adherence to a regular routine, which is why they will love the availability of individual huts and cottages to keep their own space. Moreover, due to the practical nature of Virgo, their idea of ​​relaxation doesn’t have to be flashy and extravagant. A realistic list of activities in this area, such as fishing, park games, and kayaking, would be perfect for Virgo to feel like he can still do something special, but in a way that’s true to them,” the cardinal shares.


Libra: Enjoy the beauty of Fiji

Libras are not only famous for striving for a harmonious balance of everything, but they value the search for beauty in all its forms. The Cardinal explains: “Not only are the beaches of Fiji hypnotically beautiful, but the islands too [allow] Libra to explore a little bit of everything, like water activities, zip-lining, massages, take part in authentic festivities and discover the quaint local culture. Start on the main island of Maumee Marriott Bay before escaping to luxury boutique operations like Fomo or the Jean-Michel Cousteau Resort.


Scorpio: treat yourself in Bodrum, Turkey

“Scorpios have a special flair for the senses,” Cardinal says. “In a luxury destination like Bodrum, Scorpios can fully immerse themselves in the pleasant environment in order to release all the stress of real life and come back again—particularly by indulging in a transformative bath ritual or scrub therapy,” she says. Read our guide to the next big destination for 2023 here.


Sagittarius: Culture in Paris, France

A classic Euro cruise, the refined capital of France draws the centaur mark as the perfect destination. “The ruling planet of Sagittarius is Jupiter, which is the largest and most glamorous in the Solar System, and likewise, Sagittarius loves great and culturally exciting experiences on a large scale. Paris has it all — fare, history, art, architecture — and plenty of it,” Cardinal shares.


Capricorn: Relax in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

A luxurious Caribbean escape calls for the sign of the Goats, as Capricorns tend to strive for achievement and success, while maintaining high standards for themselves. “Clean, sharp, and inclusive, this resort, Finest Punta Cana, is an ideal location for Capricorns to finally let someone else take charge so they can relax with an uncomplicated itinerary, on-site childcare, a stylish pool, and spa,” Cardinal says.


Aquarius: Amelia Island, Florida

The Aquarius water carrier likes to do things differently than the rest. Cardinal adds: “Amelia Island, a lesser known hidden gem than a beach paradise, will suit Aquarius’ desire for unique experiences. A quieter atmosphere would be an ideal place for a busy Aquarius mind to sit still for a while.” Visitors can lay their heads at the upscale Ritz Carlton Amelia Island, the perfect home base for a trip to the quiet and charming island.


Pisces: Sailing the Greek Islands

“Pisces is a smooth, charming sign that tends to fantasize about images and artistry that the rest of us can’t always grasp,” Cardinal shares. She adds, “A sailing cruise through the Greek islands with Windstar not only honors the water element of Pisces but will also put the traveler in the gorgeous blue waters and dreamy vistas of cities that, unless you see them in person, look like a painting from real life.” This long-distance itinerary is always a bestseller, and it’s specially designed for the sign of fish.

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