Holiday business begins to roll out in Houghton storefronts

HOUGHTON, Mich. (WLUC) — Houghton’s storefronts are preparing for massive amounts of business from the community in the coming weeks.

However, supply chain concerns remain an issue at stores like Surplus Outlet on Shelden Ave.

Owners are doing their best to prevent prices from rising amid inflation.

“We were lucky. There haven’t been much price changes,” said Tina Gorkanis of Surplus Outlet. “The cost of shipping and handling has tripled in the past two years, and we’ve been able to get away with pricing for our customers.”

Owners are expecting a lot of business around some of their favorite holiday products.

“Winter socks, wool socks, we have alpaca and SmartWall, and different socks,” Yurkanis continued. “Bedroom slippers are a great Christmas idea for everyone because warm feet are so important.”

Solomon Flowers on Memorial Road. Christmas trees will be presented shortly after Thanksgiving.

However, according to the owner of Flowers by Tony Solomon, some types may not be available this year.

“We will definitely have a lot of trees this year, and they may not be in certain species,” Solomon said. “We have many different varieties, but there may be a few that we won’t have this year.”

However, Solomon offers Christmas tree delivery services to families in the Houghton/Hancock area.

They also keep costs down by making their own decorations.

“We make wreaths, wreaths, etc., and we can keep our costs a little lower because there is no wholesaler to buy from,” Suleiman continued. “We do everything ourselves, here.”

As “Ladies’ Night” continues in Houghton…

Swift Hardware, also located on Shelden Ave. , stocked with a variety of different products and sales for the event.

“We bought one and got 50% off, and we have all kinds of food,” helped Swift hardware owner Marilyn Swift. “We have good coffee, we have a soda stream. We have all kinds of things.”

“Ladies’ Night” continues on Friday from noon until eight in the evening