Holiday Email Marketing Tips to Win Customers in Peak Season

The holiday season offers the best opportunity to win over shoppers and boost your business growth. Your customers are looking for the best deals and what’s better than using dedicated email communications to promote your offers? So, to make things easier for you and help you grab the customer’s attention, we’re here with actionable email marketing tips for better holiday campaigns.

For ease of understanding, we have divided the tips into five distinct sections. Let’s start with the first, the content of holiday emails.

1. Email content

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Create exclusive content according to the interests and preferences of the audience.

Video content is becoming more and more popular with the growing user base on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. Try incorporating short videos and visual content into your holiday emails.

It’s important to keep in mind that people buy for family and friends too during the holiday season. Therefore, you should pay more attention to your browsing history rather than their previous purchases.

Submit valuable content according to your target market and industry. For example: If you work in the travel industry, ask yourself if it’s an attractive deal that inspires your readers to wander.

Address customer pain points during the holiday season and let them know how your product makes life easier for them. In addition to easy returns and free shipping, mention in emails that you offer gift wrapping. It is an important aspect that will make the customer buy from you.

Use the power of user-generated content and include images from social media that boost brand credibility.

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2. Design and development

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Increasing your ROI through email has a lot to do with reaching the maximum number of people. This is possible by creating accessible emails. Use a concise version and subtle visuals that appeal to all subscribers, regardless of any visual or cognitive limitations. Add relevant alt text to explain what the visuals are about. Avoid using blink animations with a blink rate between 2 and 55 Hz. Since most users prefer dark mode on their devices, create dark mode compatible emails that display well across all devices, regardless of UI setup. Always use Litmus or Email on Acid to test emails before sending them. If you notice any display issues in any client or email device, find a workaround or provide a suitable backup.

If you have a large number of users who access emails using Gmail, you can send AMP emails to create interactive emails that act as microsites. These emails help boost subscriber engagement while bringing in more conversions. Just make sure your ESP supports AMP technology.

Use red, blue, and white colors and visuals to exude a festive vibe.

3. Delivery


Set up a new subdomain for the holiday season. With send folders reaching a very high number these days, it is advisable to create a new subdomain for holiday email campaigns. It will keep your existing domains off the radar of ESPs and ISPs.

It goes without saying that you should monitor all the metrics related to your campaigns and keep optimizing your following emails accordingly. Clean up the lists before you start holiday email marketing.

4. Sigmoid factor

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Think outside the box and come up with unique email designs that cut through the noise in your subscriber’s inbox. Most marketers use the same automation campaigns even during the holiday season. It would be great to revamp your automation strategy and include exclusive holiday offers in your welcome emails, cart abandonment emails, and reshare emails.

The holiday season is an excellent opportunity to revive idle leads. Share offers, content, or updates they can’t say “no” to.

5. What should be avoided?

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Unless you’re sending personalized emails with dynamic content, avoid sending emails to everyone on the list. Email fatigue is likely to increase during the holiday season. Therefore, you should time your campaigns and modify the content according to the subscriber’s needs. Of course, you want to get maximum attention during this high season but don’t resend your campaigns to non-automatic openers. The reason is that your unlock rate may not be accurately recorded due to Apple’s MPP. Also, sending too many unsolicited emails can frustrate subscribers and lead to spam complaints or unsubscribe.

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10 experts share actionable pointers about holiday email marketing to help you beat the noise (infographic)

The competition in the inbox intensifies every year during the holiday season. Following these tips will definitely help you overcome the bottleneck and emerge as a winner.

For more tips and expert insights, visit our infographic: 10 experts share actionable holiday email marketing insights to beat the noise.

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