Holiday shipping deadlines approaching

LANSING, Mich. (Wilkes) — The clock is ticking to get those gifts shipped to your family and friends just in time for Christmas.

If you go with the Post Office, this Saturday is the deadline to use ground delivery.

The FedEx deadline has passed, and it was Wednesday.

UPS recommends getting an estimate from their website and it will likely cost you.

Shippers said the cost of making sure gifts arrived on time was well worth it.

Lansing’s Gary Remensnyder stopped by a UPS store in Lansing on Thursday. Remensnyder said he’s shipping a gift for his daughter for the holidays. “It’s my daughter’s West Coast blouse.”

Remensnyder said he hasn’t seen her for Christmas in five years and wants the gift to get there before the holidays.

“I use UPS because it’s already stored in their computer and they get it there very quickly,” he said.

Remensnyder said he knows there is a high cost to getting the package on time, but he said it was all worth it.

“Worst $28 for one box but it’s Christmas,” Remensnyder said. “It’s a family, it’s what you do for the family.”

Post offices and FedEx stores are also seeing lots of packages shipped as deadlines approach.

To save yourself some time at the post office, you can wrap your gifts at home in either a white or brown cardboard box.

when he went and. Richard Hamlin to the Post Office, said he expected his gifts to cost close to $100, but was pleasantly surprised when they cost less than he expected.

“I’m shipping a whole bunch of birthday cakes to my brother and two of my daughters and a whole bunch of other Christmas gifts for them, one in Pennsylvania and one in New York,” Hamlin said. $75.05 for five sets with insurance on two of them. So it’s not bad at all.”

Remensnyder and Hamlin are both hoping to give their families something special in time for Christmas.

The United States Postal Service has a Youtube channel on topics such as properly packing a box and handling a package. Make sure your package is not wrapped in holiday paper or brown shipping paper and without strings, ribbons or bows, a company spokesperson said. If you want to wrap a gift, put the gifts in another box.

The Post Office recommends padded envelopes to make sure gift cards are protected and instead of sending cash gifts, consider cashier’s checks.

There are also cash apps and you can email gift cards to skip the postage altogether.

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