Holiday Travel Home Security Tips

Planning to travel this holiday season?

Besides taking the usual safety and security precautions, you can also apply for the Roseville Police Department Vacation home inspection program.

The Vacation Home Verification Program is a free service provided by the Police Department to residents of Roseville that is supplemental to your basic home security arrangements.
While you are away, volunteers with the Citizens On Patrol Program will randomly check your residence for signs of suspicious activity such as open doors, open or broken windows, unfamiliar cars, or other suspicious conditions.
Any situation discovered by COP volunteers that needs immediate attention will be dealt with by Roseville Police Officers.

To register for the Vacation House Check program, go to On the first page, hover over Community Services and then click Check Vacation Home. Fill out the form completely and click the submit button at the bottom of the page. Once processed, you will receive a confirmation email. You can also click over here To go directly to the Vacation House Check web app.

Applications must be submitted at least seven days before your departure, and cannot last more than 30 days.
Vacation House Check is not intended to provide a security service for your home. The Roseville Police Department is not responsible for any theft, loss or damage to property during the registration period.

Other holiday home security tips:
• Have a trusted neighbor watch the house and report anything suspicious to the police
• Install timers on lights - or use smart plugs that you can control remotely from your smartphone
• Have someone mow the lawn and take out the trash
• Stop delivering mail and/or newspapers until your departure time
• Leave your blinds open if you normally do so
• Don’t announce your identity on social media
• Lock everything - doors, windows, garage door
• Remove any “hide key”
• Remove and install any garage door remote controls from vehicles
• Use 2″ x 4″ cut wood in the path of any sliding glass doors
• Use cut-to-size wood screws in the sliding window tracks.