HomeGoods Designs Bookable Vacation Home That’s $30 a Night

household goods He wants to make your dreams away from brutal falls come true! LOVED RETAILER Design a vacation home in Hudson Valley, New YorkIt will be available to book for just under $30 a night for four weekends in October and November.

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Dorothy Hong Home Goods

A house with a proper name household goodsThe two-bedroom home benefits from the experience of wandering the store aisles and discovering items you didn’t even know you needed. Each stay will have its own theme: Looking for creativitya colorful oasis available October 21-23; Looking for a festive?fall-themed escape available October 28-30; looking for adventure, a nature-inspired sanctuary available November 4-6; And the Searching for magicEuropean country retreat available November 11-13.

Look inside House of HomeGoods for creativity style:

Residential area

Not only will each stay feature a distinctive design style, but it comes with an in-house activity to enhance the experience including flower arranging classes, pasta making, fire pit cooking, or candle making. To sweeten the deal, guests can take home a selection of their favorite finds with their House of HomeGoods-branded travel bag.

Reservations will be issued daily through HomeGoods From today until October 15th. The first is currently available and others will be open for reservations starting at 12 PM ET on the following days for $29.99 per night. While you will have to manage your own transportation home, an overnight stay is basically the cost of a small trip to HomeGoods. And if you’re not able to disable a reservation, don’t worry. You can still shop a selection of similar items offered on each House of HomeGoods style in store or through Retailer’s website.

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