Hong Kong’s Supreme Court Transforms Into Culinary Destination

The former High Court of Hong Kong has been transformed into The Judiciary, a culinary and social destination defined by a traditional European country. Joyce Wang’s studio led the remodeling of the lavish courthouse, which resulted in two Black Sheep restaurants: Magistracy Dining Room and Botanical Garden.

Located on the first floor, the Magistracy Dining Room is inspired by London’s most historic and traditional restaurants - with subtle English wit. Guests dine under high vaulted ceilings and carved wood paneling that accentuate the grandeur of the building and complement the lush vegetation planted throughout the interior to channel the ancient palaces of Southern Europe. Ethereal pendant lanterns, twin wall lights, and gold accent lamps also nod to 19th-century British design as they illuminate timeless English furnishings, including seats upholstered in rich Oxblood leather reminiscent of Chesterfield chairs. A wooden spiral staircase serves as a central focal point in the dining room, leading guests to a semi-private dining terrace that overlooks the lavish space.

A botanical garden terrace awaits beyond arched glass doors, enticing guests with a maze of ivy, hydrangeas, terracotta ferns, and antique planters.

“It was an honor to work in such a historically significant location in my hometown,” said Joyce Wang, founder of Joyce Wang Studio. “We rekindle memories of older generations and evoke pride for younger ones. Space now stands out for its significance – authentic to its former self as a pillar of social justice for Hong Kong. I personally can’t wait for untold stories to be shared across the dining table, bringing generations closer together.” .

Upon completion of its third and final phase, The Magistracy will feature two restaurants, three bars, four private dining rooms, an elevated sports room and an extensive wine cellar. The second phase of openings will be announced soon.

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