How a proposed county-level change could restrict local Airbnbs

simplified: The Minnehaha Planning Commission is looking to propose a clearer definition — and stricter regulations — for Airbnbs and other short-term vacation rentals in the county. Here’s what an early draft of Domestic Rentals might mean.

why does it matter

  • This week the Planning Commissioners saw an early draft of an ordinance that would be drawn up Stricter regulations on short-term vacation rentals Like Airbnb or VRBO.
  • It’s an early draft, but it is Try to separate the definition and the rules for short-term rentals from the current definition of a bed and breakfast — a topic that came up a bit at recent county meetings after the Planning Commission denied a conditional-use permit for a bed and breakfast near Wall Lake that the owners had hoped to use as a short-term rental.
  • Say the owners of short-term rentals some regulations are “excessive”, In particular the requirement that the property has at least one parking space per guest.

“Even in my own condo or hotel rooms, you don’t have that minimum requirement,” said Albert Huising, co-owner of short-term rental management company SoDak Stays.

If this decree is passed, what will change for short-term rentals?

would Create a separate definition in the provincial statute of a short-term vacation rental.

  • It will also create a separate conditional usage Permit for Airbnb rentals. This permit will have its own set of requirements.

What will be the requirements?

Here is a breakdown (Also, side note, county law uses the term “vacation rental” to describe these short-term rental properties.):

  • Vacation rentals cannot have more than two guests per bedroom.
  • Minimum parking requirements One space per guest. (So ​​if you have an Airbnb that sleeps 12, you need a minimum of 12 parking spaces.)
  • The property must be registered With the state as a vacation home.
  • holiday home must be reviewed By the Planning Committee and the District Committee every two years.
  • This review will cost vacation rental owners 500 dollars.

It is worth mentioning, This is just a first draft Scott Anderson, County Planning Director, presented it to the Planning Commission.

Commissioner Becky Randall Note that a maximum of two people per bedroom may limit some vacation rentals to having a room with two sets of bunk beds, for example.

  • She also said the parking requirement seemed like a lot.

“I think there is a way to reduce that so suddenly we don’t have 12 cars anymore - but to allow for some flexibility,” said Randall.

what happened after that?

Planning committee will have At least one more discussion on the draft decree before it is referred to a public hearing.

  • That debate is likely to happen in January, with a formal hearing to follow in February.