How East Coast Beach Town Compares to a West Coast Beach Town + Photos

Destinations are similar in size, but Malibu offers a wide range of off-water activities.

There are plenty of restaurants and shops in Malibu Pier.

Molly O’Brien

Malibu is much larger than most visitors realize, covering nearly 20 square miles. In addition to its gorgeous beaches and piers along the Pacific coast, it also has farms, vineyards, and hiking trails.

The size of a Montauk is similar. The hamlet—containing multiple parks, beaches, and a downtown area—occupies about 20 square miles of coastline on the eastern tip of Long Island.

Both Montauk and Malibu have many beaches. Because I’m not a surfer, I can’t speak to which destination has better waves.

However, I like that Malibu has a variety of attractions away from the water as well. For example, I can go to the beach and take a walk on a vineyard on the same day.