How To Plan For A Hiking Vacation If You Have Asthma

Podcast host, freelance writer and blogger Rachel Meltzer, who has had chronic asthma for more than 25 years, shares that the number one thing is to pack your inhaler if you have asthma and are planning a hiking vacation (via The Trek). It’s also important to keep your inhaler warm, especially if your trip will include a cooler climate. It’s also recommended to pack medications and other asthma-related supplies like syringe pens and a first-aid kit, along with essentials like water, according to I’d Rather Walk.

While on the trail, Meltzer encourages asthmatic hikers not to feel shy about blowing their noses from time to time and to make sure everything there is clean. “Keeping your nose clean can be the difference between dry climbing, wheezing, and breathing through your nose upwards,” she writes in The Trek. There’s also no need to pressure yourself to hike as fast as others do, especially if a hiking vacation is a group affair. Having a predetermined idea of ​​how fast you can go can also be helpful, and one of the ways you can do it is to walk and time yourself before the actual hike, I prefer walking tips.

Keeping unnecessary weight off your diaphragm is also a good tip to follow, so be careful how you carry your belongings while hiking, at The Trek.