How to Prepare Your Holiday Season for Older Guests

Welcome a safer season for seniors

Nashville, Tenn.And the December 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — If a senior will be spending time at your home or a loved one’s home this holiday season, Brookdale Senior Living provides resources, while preparing to help make your home safer and more welcoming. Falls pose a particular threat to the elderly but can be prevented.

The CDC reports that falls are the leading cause of death and the most common cause of traumatic brain injury for people 65 years of age or older. Being in an unfamiliar environment can increase the risk of falls or injury for older adults. They’re moving around in a different layout than their home, without the usual lighting, and they may be dealing with stairs and other features that can be challenging.

Brookdale Senior Living experts encourage you to check out these simple actions you can take beforehand that can make a big difference:

Health and wellnessDiscussing your older loved one’s routine, including medications, will help you and your guest be on the same page regarding their needs. Important things to consider during the discussion:

  • What medicines are they taking and how often do they need them?
  • Routine meal schedules and any dietary restrictions/preferences
  • Sound/noise levels in the home - Increased noise and activities can lead to more agitation

“Whether your loved one is older and lives at home or in a large community living, talking to them or the care staff in their community will help you have a more successful visit,” she advises. Camille JordanSenior Vice President, Clinical Services. “Find out what will make them more comfortable and relaxed in your home.”

home and decoration: remove items lying on the floor; Put rugs away, and remove or tape power cords. If you need to keep the rug in the entryway, be sure to secure it with non-slip material. Remove leaves and other debris from outdoor walkways leading into the house.

to share Laura Busallaci, Senior Director of Interior Design. “The peace of mind that a family can have knowing you don’t have to be ‘in’ all the time, knowing you did everything you could to not have trips or falls, is an added benefit.”

activitiesProactive planning can help make the vacation experience more fulfilling for the whole family. Determine what is meaningful to your family and what is (or is not) a priority. Be aware of your guest’s usual activity levels and try to plan activities that include both while also allowing them to opt out. Encourage multigenerational activities to help connect young children with older adult guests.

“Bringing generations together to celebrate is really what the holidays are about,” he said. Charles Richardson, Senior Director of Resident Programs. “You don’t have to plan an outing. It’s about spending meaningful time together, feeling included, and enjoying good company.”

eat the foodIf you’re hosting a guest with dementia for a holiday meal, keep in mind that the disease can cause visual and physical changes that affect the dining experience. Several simple actions can make mealtimes easier and more enjoyable for people with dementia.

  • Use contrasting colors on the table to help with depth perception issues. Place the light-colored plates on the dark tablecloth, or vice versa. Prepare food in different colors, so that it is easy to distinguish between meat and vegetables.
  • If the person has advanced dementia, serving the meal in a shallow bowl and providing a spoon, rather than using a flat plate and fork, may help. It will be easier for your loved one to move the food along the side of the bowl and into the spoon than to manipulate it with a fork across the plate.
  • Minimize potential confusion by cutting out or removing centerpieces and other decorations.
  • The relaxed environment makes it easier and more enjoyable for guests to stay at the table throughout the meal. Ensure that the eating area is at a comfortable temperature and that it is not excessively noisy.

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