If you’re booking holiday travel, AAA says the time is now | What to know

Philadelphia (WPVI) - If you’re even considering booking flights for the holidays, AAA says the time to do so is now.

We are in for a very stressful summer travel season, so travel experts have a guide to follow if you want to save money and avoid travel headaches.

If you have traveled recently, you know that prices are at record levels and inventory is low.

Sadly, that won’t change as the busy holiday season approaches, so it’s time to book now.

“Inventory is plentiful now and you have a better chance of getting what you want, the seats you want and the flights you want,” says AAA spokeswoman Jana Tidwell. “Right now, there are much better rates than if you waited close to the holiday.”

Now, let’s talk about the delays and cancellations that have plagued travelers all summer.

AAA suggests stuffing your vacation if you can. Travel a day or two early if you have an appointment or event, such as a cruise, on the other end.

Travel experts also suggest taking the first flight in the morning.

“If you ride that flight and get to your destination early, you’re ahead,” Tidwell says. “But if something happens on that trip, you’ll have the rest of the day and increase your chances of getting to your destination on the same day.”

If you are on a later flight to begin with, and it is cancelled, it may take a day or two before you rebook.

AAA says at the moment we should always get travel insurance, it pays for itself when it comes to baggage loss, delays and other expenses.

Not only do we have to download the airline’s app, but we also have to check in 24 hours before the flight.

“It seems silly because when you have a ticket, they should know you’re coming,” Tidwell says. “But many flights are still packed, so check in at least 24 hours in advance to officially reserve your seat.”

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