India is favorite destination for Drone Technology Patent, said Binod Singh

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September 30, 2023 18:46 IST

New Delhi [India], Sept. 30 (ANI/PNN): Drones are being used commercially all over the world, and in India their technology is the point of discussion after high-level policy changes made by the Government of India. Besides defensive drone technology, it has wide applications in the commercial field as well as social and economic sectors such as agriculture. Drone technology investments are rising rapidly as research forecasts show exponential growth. Drones are currently a rapidly expanding industry and therefore their intellectual property rights requirements are also receiving more attention. To check the status of drone technology patent filing trends in India, “Einfolge Technologies - The World’s Leading Patent and Market Research Company” recently conducted a study and the results are very impressive.
In this study, Einfolge covered the patent filing trend of the past two decades and conducted an in-depth analysis. According to the results, the patenting of UAV technology is gaining momentum. It shows an increase in the deposit during the first quarter of 2022 (January - 22 March). While 559 applications were submitted in 2021, only 258 applications were submitted this year (2022) in the first quarter, and the number of applications filed with India as a priority is increasing. There has been a fluctuation in the patenting of drones in India during the period 2020-2021. The decline was due to the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic.
If we look closely at the trend of deposit in the past two decades. The applications of UAV technology filed before the year 2000 were 744. After the year 2000 especially considering the last five years until the first quarter of 2022, the total number. Of the filing it has exceeded 14,334. Interestingly, there are more foreign applicants who applied in India in the field of drone related technology than the resident Indian applicants. Applicants from the United States top applications, followed by Europe and India in third place in this category.

“The adoption of drones is expected to change in the coming year as funding expands in this area along with a favorable government climate. The government’s willingness to deploy drones for a range of uses will provide a significant boost, driving up the assessed value of the domestic industry. Adopting them in different use cases, especially for critical inspections and deliveries.Apart from that, the Government of India ensures that the technology is no longer intimidating the farmers.To help the agriculture sector, the Israeli government has taken important steps such as Swamitva, Drones Base 2021, SOP for Drones Agri, the Hara Bhara project and PLI scheme for drones and drone components.The new regulations for the use of drones in India are built on the basis of “trust, self-certification, and monitoring with minimal scope for intrusion,” said Benod Singh, a patent expert. The famous invention, any impact of these new Indian government rules and regulations on patenting can be foreseen in the future Expert and Entrepreneur, Co-Founder and Director of Einfolge - A global leader in patents and market research.
Binod Singh talks about how drone technology will play a key role in enabling and modernizing life and how Einfolge helps companies and organizations create, protect, implement and sell their intellectual property assets. He said, “We have been working in drone technologies for more than 7 years. We have dedicated a dedicated team to deal with patents for drone technologies. Einfolge has created an IP portfolio for a UK-based drone company. The company has developed a large number of patents in this field.Einfolge has been successfully awarded patent grants in USA, UK and other markets during the Indian patent procedure.Based on its intellectual property assets, the company is valued at US$40 million investment for further research and development.Besides companies, We also help individuals and startups to fill patents from India as well as outside India.”
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