Indian Valley Theatre to hold auditions in October for upcoming holiday play – Shaw Local

Sandwich - The Indian Valley Theater has announced that it will be auditioning for its upcoming December play “The Rented Christmas” in October.

Tests will take place from 1 to 4 p.m. Sunday and 6 to 9 p.m. Monday in the community room at the Sandwich Opera House, 140 E. Railroad Street in Sandwich, according to a press release.

“Christmas Rent,” written by Norman C. Ahearn Jr. and Yvonne Ahern, tells the story of John Dell, a wealthy local businessman, who hasn’t enjoyed “real Christmas” for many years. At the last minute, he decided to visit a local rental store and order a Christmas tree. Conditions include a tree with gifts, Christmas carols, a wife, and children. Store owner, Anne Weston, is calling the local Actors Guild to hire actors on Christmas Eve and today. Actors get measles, so Ann calls the local orphanage. With no one to play the wife, Anne does the role herself.

The tests will consist of cold readings from the text. Participants should be prepared to identify any potential training-time inconsistencies in the test form. Indian Valley Theater membership is required to be part of the show. The theater is also looking for help with technology, lights, and stage crew.

The cast of “Christmas Tenant” is as follows:

  • John Dell - Male Actor, 30-50 years old, Entrepreneur
  • Anne Weston - Woman, ages 30-50, landlord
  • Jimmy - From teens to late twenties, part-time employee at the rental store
  • Bridget - Young to Middle Age, Resilient Age, John’s Housekeeper,
  • Martha - Young to middle age, flexible in age, John’s cook, Bridget’s sister
  • Jan - Senor Moroen Teenager Orphan
  • Cynthia - a flexible teenage orphan
  • Willy - Omar Maren, orphan
  • Lettie - Flexible for age, child of six or older preferred, orphan
  • Mrs. Alice Lindsey - mid twenties and up, nanny in charge of the orphanage
  • Fred - Adult male in his late twenties to fifties, John’s business partner
  • Christmas carol choir - at least 10 people, children, teens, adults; orphans and others

The Christmas Renter Shows will run from Friday 9 December through Sunday 11 December.

For information, email [email protected] or send a message via Facebook.