Israel: Senior Citizens To Get 20% Discount On Hotels

The initiative ‘will enable the elderly in Israel to get more affordable vacation’

Tourists over the age of 65 will get a 20 percent discount on hotel accommodations across the country, according to a joint initiative announced Saturday by Israel’s Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Social Equality and the Hotel Association.

The initiative will run for a whole year and will apply to hotel stays booked between Saturday and Wednesday, with special conditions during holidays.

“This is an initiative with dual benefits: a significant savings for the elderly citizens of Israel and, at the same time, assistance to the tourism industry precisely on the days when the occupancy is lower,” said Israeli Tourism Minister Yoel Razvozov.

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The campaign will be launched in a few weeks through a special website where eligible seniors can get information about hotel sales and will be able to book their stay at a discount.

“Thanks to this, we will revitalize the Israeli economy, help the tourism industry, and enable the elderly in Israel to take affordable vacation. I thank my friend, (Social Equality) Minister Merav Cohen, for the important cooperation in the interest of the State of Israel,” Razvozov said.

Cohen, in turn, noted that going on vacation can contribute to the “mental and physical health” of older adults. In recent years, the Israeli government has launched several other initiatives aimed at encouraging retired Israelis to leave their homes, including foreign trips and the “Paim Letov” volunteer system.